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The authorisation of the usage of Super Weapons has been reviewed...

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W3N Report 2078 January 5th:

The United Nations declares status of Global Peace.

The United Nations has declared a status of peace earlier today as Tiberian dissipation improves. As a new year beckons, this, Quote "marks a time of new hope and prosperity" as the new UN Global Peace Committee Leader Adam J. Snow commented in the speech.

The first new year since the new era, Mr. Snow commented "if we are going to be a civilised society, then we need to put aside our childish ways." This however wasn't welcomed with open arms by everyone, the 'what was' GDI has stated that they, quote "will not put down their guns until the job is done." Though this doesn't mean that the stock market will be in their favour.

Since the decommission of GDI last year, the stock market has improved ten times higher than expected figures. However, sources indicate that the Black Market has fallen drastically in the months leading to December of last year. In turn, this has made it harder for GDI to source weapons of mass destruction, which as Ronald Johnson stated "its a good thing."

It is estimated that the cost of producing these weapons is going to be at a record high. An undisclosed sourced has released figures showing by how much.

Ion Cannon Uplink: 9000 USD
Nuclear Missile: 10000 USD
CLASSIFIED Weapons: 12000 USD

Though no official figures show how much this will effect the, what was know as the Forgotten. It is believed they may actually benefit slightly rather than everyone else. An unconfirmed source has indicated they may be able to produce their weapon at three quarters of the budget of the UN. Though the UN refuse to comment at this time, it is believed that their own costs are set around 10000 USD.

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