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It's that time of year again - festivities, celebrations and awards! IndieDB have launched their 8th annual Indie of the Year Awards, and the winners are decided by YOU, the players. You can even vote on more than one game, so please do vote for all of our games that you've enjoyed! You do not need to be signed in to vote, but IndieDB members do get a chance to win a free game!

You have until 11th December 2017 to vote in this stage of judging!

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Jalopy - Vote Now!

Despite releasing in 2016, Jalopy has received three major content updates this year. The Bulgaria Update in February added an entirely new region to explore, as well as delivering a new tyre system, and an improved cashier system.

June saw the release of the Turkey update, adding (you guessed it) the Turkey route, as well as authentic licence plates for each player - and of course, the option to drive the return route and come all the way home.

Finally, we released the Uncle update in September, which saw the long awaited return of the famed uncle. If the player chooses, he will come along for the ride and narrate your journey by recalling his time in the Former Eastern Bloc.

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Tracks - The Train Set Game - Vote Now!

Tracks has now been out in Early Access for just over three months, but the game has already made quite the impact, being called 'A wonderfully relaxing way to spend a bit of downtime' by Eurogamer, 'One to watch for train enthusiasts' by PC Gamer and much more.

Despite the game's age, we have already released the Nighttime update, which introduced a new environment, new objects, fireworks and more. And that's on top of the constant bug fixes and smaller content updates.

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Shoppe Keep 2 - Vote Now!

Shoppe Keep 2 won't release in Early Access until 2018, but thankfully IndieDB will be handing out an award for the most voted for unreleased game! With an open world, online multiplayer, fledged out RPG mechanics and more, Shoppe Keep 2 is sure to beat its predecessor. The developer has been posting weekly development logs on IndieDB too.

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Flashing Lights - Vote Now!

Another game that will release in Early Access in 2018 is the open world, online multiplayer simulator Flashing Lights! The game will allow you to enlist with either the police, firefighters or medics, and task you with protecting the city - from the countryside, to upper class estates, to the bustling city.

Regular updates from the developer Nils Jakrins feature on IndieDB.


Circuit Breakers - Vote Now!

Despite releasing as a full game back in 2015, Circuit Breakers has just last month released a crucial 2nd Year Anniversary update, which added a wealth of new characters, weapons, maps and an entirely new game mode. This year has also seen the debut of Circuit Breakers on both Xbox One and PS4 - with the Xbox One version even featuring up to six player local co-op!

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Dad Quest - Vote Now!

Dad Quest launched in February of this year, from the great minds over at Sundae Month. The game has an unrivalled sense of humour that is incredibly unique. With the addition of FemDad, countless improvements to Chapter 1 and the brand new Chapter 2 on the horizon, Dad Quest is still an evolving game.

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