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Main features: - Several new techs for all races including the powerful yet expensive Veteran tech, basically this tech makes all your units and buildings have more health (price and time costs are still being balanced); - Added new units to some races, although most use existent models not new ones (trying to get my hand on a modelling program to do some new ones). - UCS compability with almost any mod you can think of. - Some UCS lines with a bit of humour in the mix (at least for me)

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New abilities:
- Orks have new airstrike capabilities still not finished but almost done
- Space Marines now use thunderhawks to drop timed bombs in the target place
- Imperial Guard can now drop bombs and use autocannon vulture strikes
- Tau can now set to flame an area for a few time by overpowering an orca ship propulsion system
- Chaos now have access to the Tainted Valkyrie mine drop ability, good for defensive missions
- Necrons can now sacrifice a possessed orca to awake an Immortal warrior
- Eldar can now spawn a fire prism from their webway to attack the target for a while before leaving again

Future work:
- Linear campaign for each of the DC races including NIS
- Many new units and techs, including new models if possible
- I am trying to make an air bombardment ability for races with air vehicle animations Completed

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