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Quite a few bugfixes in this one as well as a new unit!

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    • fixed crash when upgrading Musket Horse to Repeating Rifle Horse
    • fixed villager graphics (to look Turkish instead of Indian)
    • fixed crash when upgrading Horse Raiders to Red Army Cavalry
    • Red Army Cavalry is now a seperate unit
    • price bonus is now -20/+20
    • rare resources give +200% base resources
    • new power: free caravan with every market built
    • Armed Supply Wagons, Armed Merchants & Armed Caravans
      • dmg reduced
      • HP reduced


  • Zeppelin removed
    • Added new unit: Light Bomber (Industrial Age)
      • early bombers with very limited fuel supply and only 1 bomb
      • very innacurate
  • UNITS (all)
    • dmg vs other units reduced (to slightly prolong engagements)
  • Unique Bombers, Unique Fighters
    • fixed Airbase icon (can now select them at Airbases - except MB-1 and Light Bomber <can't fix it for those two unfortunately..>)
  • Fireships (all)
    • added very small knowledge cost
    • AI should build less of them now
  • Naval Generals
    • no longer have ramping cost
    • cost more knowledge
    • AI should build less of them now
  • Stealth Bomber
    • slightly reduced speed
  • Rocket artillery
    • dmg to cities slightly reduced
  • Anti-Air infantry
    • only 1 person per unit now


  • Supercollider
    • max prices now 80/60
  • Barracks
    • dmg reduced
  • Forts
    • dmg vs ships raised


  • Amber price bonus changed to -10/+10
  • Big Huge reduced to 120% (to hopefully reduce some crashes)
  • cheaper unit upgrade cost
  • fixed info about upgrades for certain units
  • fixed selection circle size for Admiral and Fleet Admiral


  • F.H.98
  • Navgen - asian
  • Ship of the Line
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