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Some needed info fixes in this one and some minor changes.

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  • Treepost
    • reduced support cost
  • unique buildings (added extra info)
    • Shaman Huts
    • Chivalric Order
    • Imperial Tagmata
    • Raider Barracks
    • Raider Stable


  • Aztecs
    • changed amount of free light infantry per barracks built (4 at start and 8 with 1 Mil research + Classical Age)
    • plunder bonus changed to 150%


  • Raiders
    • damage raised
    • increased damage taken from Towers and Forts
    • HP reduced
  • Fireships
    • splash range reduced
    • splash damage reduced


  • fixed Smelters building info
  • reorganized nations info
  • fixed Red Army Cavalry info
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