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This is the big one. 4 new unique buildings, 4 new unique units and a lot of changes.

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  • Romans
    • fixed Hoplites not upgrading
    • fixed Pikemen not upgrading
    • re-enabled Arquebusiers
  • Indians
    • added new unique unit: Rajput Infantry (III)
      • the Indian version of the foot knight
      • very strong in melee but takes a little longer to build
      • faster than pikemen
      • fairly low armor
  • France
    • added new unique unit: Boucanier (V)
      • very fast short ranged light ships
      • cloaked when stationary
  • Japan
    • added new unique unit: Yamato Battleship
      • very powerful, very slow Battleships
      • slightly lower armor than regular Battleships
  • Mongols
    • added new unique unit: Red Army Cavalry (VI)
      • mounted Industrial Age cavalry
      • very effective against foot troops
      • very vulnerable to vehicles
  • Iroquois
    • re-enabled Mohawk Spearmen
  • Americans
    • removed Naval Forts
  • Germans
    • removed Sniper Nests
  • Lakota
    • re-enabled Repeating Rifle Horse
  • Koreans
    • KLA
      • now upgrades to Assault Infantry in Information Age
  • Greeks
    • changed age cost conversion to 15%
    • lowered research cost discount to 40%
  • Egypt
    • now get 12 farms per city (15 per large / 18 per major)


  • Added 4 new unique buildings
    • Naval Watchpost/Outpost (VII-VIII) (Chinese, Dutch, Japanese)
      • a naval tower with some air defense that can protect an area from a medium sized fleet
      • upgrades in Information Age
      • costs a small bit of Knowledge to build
    • Raider Barracks (II) (Aztecs, Maya)
      • an external recruitment building that produces Raiders
        • Raiders are melee units that are very effective against enemy civilians
        • more resilient against defenses than Horse Raiders but are ineffective against buildings
        • can have only 1 at a time
      • can have only 1 at a time
      • becomes abandoned in Industrial Age
      • very fragile and has no defenses
    • Treepost (I) (Aztecs, Bantu, Inca, Maya, Nubians)
      • a group of blowgunners hidden in some trees that can be placed anywhere in your territory
      • quite effective against small armies but becomes less effective with every age past Ancient
      • becomes abandoned in Gunpowder Age
      • can be taken down fairly easily without the need for siege weapons
    • Trenches (VI) (Americans, Egypt, Germans, Greeks, Japan, Koreans, Russians)
      • a defense that can be placed inside your territory and can act as an impromptu wall
      • very resilient against most infantry and light vehicles but fairly easily destroyed by tanks and siege weapons
      • can build more than one but costs a bit of Knowledge
      • becomes abandoned in Information Age
  • Naval Forts (all)
    • reduced costs
  • Cities (all)
    • now gather +5 Wealth
  • Granary, Lumber Mill
    • production bonus is now 20%/40%/60%/80%/100%
    • for fishermen its 0%/20%/40%/60%/80%
  • Smelter
    • production bonus is now 40%/60%/80%/100%/125%
  • Refinery
    • production bonus is now 30%
  • Farms
    • now can build 7 per city (10 per large / 13 per major)
  • University
    • gather +20 Knowledge by default


  • Wonders (all, except Eiffel Tower)
    • costs reduced
    • production bonuses reduced
    • raze values changed
  • Eiffel Tower
    • Oil production bonus now 50%
  • Forbidden City
    • now give 75 Food, Timber, Wealth and Metal
  • Porcelain Tower
    • ship building speed bonus now 100%
    • now gives 100% bonus from rare resources


  • Generals, Admirals
    • radius increased
    • added Knowledge cost
  • Byzantine Warrior, Byzantine Cavalry, Foot Knight, Hospitaller
    • equal train time
    • train time reduced
  • Byzantine Warrior, Byzantine Cavalry
    • ranged attack recharge time increased
  • Tanks
    • range raised
    • damage vs. buildings increased


  • Library Tech
    • 20% of Knowledge costs were converted to Resources
    • all resource costs reduced by 20%
    • Science research 30% more expensive compared to Commerce
    • Military research 20% more expensive compared to Commerce
    • Civics research 30% less expensive compared to Commerce
  • Age Tech
    • all resource costs reduced by 10%
    • Food costs reduced by and additional 10%
    • Knowledge costs reduced by 15%
  • Democracy
    • discount changed to 33% and 50%


  • Resource gather rate is 10% slower
  • Taxation income vastly decreased
  • Scholar rates changed to 8/16/24/32/40/48


OK, so this update was the big hurdle, update wise. As of this update, all nations have their balance of unique buildings and units. As you can see there's no change in unit costs that I've said will be in this update. This was saved for the next update which will be focused entirely on re-balancing nations, units and the rest of the game.

After THAT update hits, I'm gonna try and organize some playthroughs so we can playtest the game. I got some friends that would come and play but I'd be great if we could get more ppl into the group and organize some matches!

Here's the link to the Steam group and stay tuned for the next update (it's gonna come a lot faster than this one..):

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