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1 new unique building and reshuffling of other unique buildings.

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  • Slightly reduced Despot plunder bonus
  • Reduced Helicopter damage vs cities


  • NEW UNIQUE BUILDING: Shaman Hut (Ancient Age) - Bantu, Inca, Iroquois, Nubians
    • can produce the Shaman support unit
    • can have only 1 but can be rebuilt
    • becomes obsolete in Enlightenment Age
  • RESHUFFLED old unique buildings (they make more sense now, historically and/or gameplay-wise)
    • (check main page info or the main picture for details)
  • Raider Stable
    • added Knowledge cost


  • Shaman
    • support units that can heal your units the same way supply wagons can
    • are cloaked (only revealed by detection units)
    • can detect hidden units
    • large LOS
    • can have only 1 at a time
  • Horse Raiders
    • raised Knowledge cost
    • raised dmg vs units
    • changed armor to 1
    • reduced damage taken from gunpowder units


    • added Raider Stable
    • removed Chariot
    • removed Spearmen
  • INCA
    • removed Siege Mortar
    • removed Camel Corps


  • Fixed garrison info for Chivalric Order and Imperial Tagmata
  • Added some useful hotkeys to the pause button info
  • Added plunder value info to all buildings

P.S.: I realize that a lot of uniques were removed. This was done to get some extra free entries for the remaining units to be added. I will probably re-add these after I finish making the unique buildings, but I have to see how many entries I have left in the files.

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