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A list of all new features in System Shock Infinite 2.41.

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-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- SYSTEM SHOCK INFINITE -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Changelog v2.41 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

1. New OS Upgrades
2. New Features
3. Bugfixes
4. Credits

1. New OS Upgrades

Environmental Resistance
Provides immunity to all radiation and toxins.

Grants +20 bonus defense and 3 extra inventory slots.

Velocity Modulator
Increases speed by 20% and grants immunity to fall damage.

Security Expert
Disabling security also shuts down any security robot.

Synthetic Heart
Increases hit points by 15.

No time limit in Cyberspace and bonus to hacking against security terminals.

Charged Strike
Melee attacks can be charged for 100% more damage.

You recover additional items from defeated enemies.

Blast Proof
Grants immunity to psionic burnout and splash damage from heavy weapons.

Damaged recharge stations no longer explode when used.

Subconsciously implements any unrecovered memories.
(Note: this one unlocks all endings!)

2. New Features

Tier 4 Power: Entropic Tide
Slows down organic and mechanical targets in a 50 feet radius.
The effect is permanent. Ineffective against psionic creatures.

Saving the Many
Implemented a sidemission to save the crewmembers that were assimilated by the Many.

New Weapons
The pipe wrench, pulse rifle, phaser rifle and fusion launcher are now available.

Quest Progress
Tears in protoreality now reflect your progress in recollecting your past memories.

Lt. Shephard's Encounters
Shephard now plays a bigger role, and you'll have to fight his team to collect more memories.

Cyberlink Cutscene
On Expert and Infinite, running out of time in Cyberspace triggers a new cutscene.

Streamlined Story
Added new logs and story sequences to better flesh out the story.

Voice Acting
Marie Delacroix's and Captain Diego's voices have been improved.

Infinite Difficulty
Cybermodules are even scarcer now, on the highest difficulty setting.

German Translation
You can now enjoy all logs and subtitles in German, courtesy of UNN Atropos and Vegoraptor.

3. Bugfixes

Changelog 2.4
Infinite is now compatible with SHMUP and Vurt's Organics.
HD texture packs no longer overwrite some of Infinite's custom assets.
Strength bonuses now properly benefit melee attacks.
Memory chip logs can now be read with the "play last log" button.
Restored the original names for anti-personnel bullets and anti-personnel shells.
Increased rewards received by players during the Many and Lt. Shephard routes.
Tears now preview which items are rewarded in the different routes.
Removed outdated descriptions from the Stasis Device and the Marie:Security PSI power.
Rebalanced the spawn rate of organs inside of special eggs.
Hacked turrets no longer eject their casings around the player.
Replaced damaged medical units that would still heal the player.
Restored Polito's message to the player in Recreational.
The brig cutscene no longer stops when you force open the forcefield.
Replaced the music played during the Escape from Cyberspace event with a longer version.
Fixed an issue with psionic echoes appearing before the music started, in the Rec lounge.
Terminate Traps in the finale can only be destroyed by hacking, as originally intended.
Dropping and picking up the simulation chips in Ops won't trigger the same email again.
Additional Toxin-A vials are now available in the Body of the Many puzzle.
Fixed an issue with the hackable corpse in Operations being difficult to hit.
The door to the Recreational Theatre no longer disappears when opened.
Recut Diego's dialogue in the lower level of Recreational.
Fixed a bug which would cause Sgt. Bronson to move to the wrong location.
The Recreational lobby cutscene no longer triggers exclusively at the entrance.
Removed the cutoff points and reintroduced Marie: Escape in the Body of the Many.
Fixed a potential conflict with an hybrid playing the wrong animation in Medsci.
The secondary entrance to the recharger room in Medsci is now easier to spot.
Fixed several typos in the text-only logs.

Changelog 2.41
Added more references to the Sarah and Cantor characters.
Fixed the missing quest notes in the GUI.
All emails are now filed correctly in the GUI.
Retuned all events around bulkheads for consistency.
Reshot the "Enter Cyberspace 3" cutscene in higher quality.
Removed the random delays in the window cutscene in MedSci.
Paragraphed the text logs for improved readability.
Added all missing forcefield locations to the map.
Sarah's logs in the tear maps now last longer.
Fixed a despawning door in Operations.
Marie's log in Recreational now teleports in with her.
Fixed the muted explosion in Cyberspace 2.
Added custom descriptions to all new weapons.
Static only logs are now much shorter.
Fixed some security crates which were incorrectly labeled.
Added minor adjustments and credits to the movie subtitles.
Removed outdated information from the Stats description.
The cigarettes item can no longer lower your health to zero.
Rewritten the soundfiles system for improved stability.
Fixed some furniture in Recreational which was not solid.
Added more Psionic Amplifiers to the lower decks.
Security Officers now benefit from the Scavenger talent.
Plasma grenades no longer hurt a player with the Blast Proof talent.
Music no longer cuts out on the bottom of the Rickenbacker tear.
Beams in the Rickenbacker tear no longer clip in the walls.
Moved around some items which clipped in the walls.
Fixed an issue with some turrets giving double hack messages.
Decals in Hydro near the ACR no longer disappear.

4. Credits

Directed by Xdiesp, Art by Captain LKL.
German translation by UNN Atropos and Vegoraptor.
Proofreading by System Shocked, Haios and UNN Atropos.
Pulse Rifle, Pipe Wrench models by Arcaniac.
EMP Rifle model by Rainalkar and Rocketman.
Fusion Cannon model by Assidragon (Ravenlord).
Thanks to Hikari, Thiefsiefool, Zygo and NamelessVoice for their support!

Last updated: September 30th 2015

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