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In this article I will give a full report on the mod's troops, new AI and the battle strategies you can apply. Of course, these latter are up to anyone to be applied or not!

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So, here is the factions and their troops:

Swadian Empire
It is inspired by the Holy Roman Empire of the late 15th/early 16th century or ,if you want, the Empire for Warhammer Universe. They make use of Infantry with pikes and landsknechts, heavy crossbowmen and cavalry. Now, Swadians are good all around and can be a shock force. Landsknechts have no shield, but a great reach and do a lot of damage. Cavalry features heavy knights with full plate and light dragoons(unique unit), who can act as scouts and wear off the infantry or enemy heave cavalry.

Vaegir Czardom
The Vaegirs are inspired by their Russian equivalents. They feature a decent variety of units. They are generally strong. Their difference with other factions is that their infantry uses many weapons and not always the usual choice and they have some of the best marksmen of the mod.

Sarranid Tribes
They feature a light armoured infantry(that can be deadly with their weapons, however) and horse gunners(unique units). Khergits are generally more lightly armoured than other facttions, due to their years of nomadic life, but they have exquisite skills with a number of areas,including horses, marksmanship and melee weapons.

Nords are inspired from Civil War England and Early 16th centuy sweden. They have master pikemen, good swordsmen, good marksmen and a decent cavalry force. Unique unit: Halberdiers. Their cavalry is great for surprise attacks, flanking and outmaneuvering.

Rhodokian Kingdom
Rhodoks are inspired from the Italian States and the Kingdom of Spain. They have very good pikemen and musketmen and heavy crossbowmen. Unique units: Rodeleros(swordsmen) and Conquerors(the heaviest cavalry available). No light armoured units, though, so they lose something from speed, but gain it on defence.

Sarranid Sultanate
They are, much like Swadians, good all around. Good infantry and marksmen, good heavy cavalry and light Bedouins(unique unit).

Now, I tweaked the AI, so the battles are harder, but more rewarding. Tactics ARE required, unlesss you play with cheats(please don't, you won't enjoy the mod at all, as it is intented for a medium to high difficulty without cheats). The enemy(except from Bandits) doesn't rout easily and unless they aren't overwhemingly larger in number than you, they mind the battlefield and use caution, so...

Also, Battlesizer is recommended, especially if your PC can take it. While I updated the graphics, the textures are of equal and sometimes less size than Native, so if you computer could handle Battlesizer use with Native, it will be probably okay. Anyway, in order to experience the full power of the Dark Side mod, I recommend a battle limit of 200 to 250.

WARNING: Battlesizer, as it is, requires somewhat strong PCs. If you experience problems without first checking if you can handle it, it's not my fault or the mod's.


amigo, porqué no le das jenizaros a los sarranies, muy buen mod por cierto

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