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This shows the list of Vehicles so far being considered, other may be made, but will be creator made and non-canon.

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SKYNET Vehicles
HK-Tank : Rhino
HK-Areial : Hydra
HK-Hunter : Bullet (Is a Small and Fast HK Tank, and was known to chase Resistance Vehicles.)

HK-Centurion : Broadway (Controlling it will be heavy modified)
HK-Scout : RC Goblin
Moto-Terminator : NRG 500

Resistance Vehicles
Transport Attack Trucks : Bobcat
Retextures to many other vehicles with resistance symbols.


For weapons, we may, if possible make a code that creates a a whole new weapons, or in other words we make do something so we can add, not replace weapons. So like Skynet can have a Futuristic Minigun, and the resistence can have a Modern Minigun.

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