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An overview of what the mod is about, along with some before-you-play tips.

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Valerie's Week is a HL1 mod I cobbled together in a few weeks from everything I felt during the spring of the year 2022. I didn't exactly have an end goal or a plan in mind, as you do with passion projects. Due to the unpredictable nature of our world, its satire is outdated already. That's why I unleash it into the world in its half-baked, pre-alpha glory. It provides half-an-hour of mindless fun, perhaps an hour if you go for all achievements.
I'm not sure if I'm ever finishing it, yet I don't want to toss it away. There are no major bugs or softlocks, however, if you find and report those, I would be more than willing to patch them out.
Most of the assets are placeholder, of course.
Only Monday is available in this build.

-A tiny corner of a doomer-esque Russian city to explore. You are free to approach the objectives at your own pace, and some of them have alternate routes.
-11 achievements to unlock and plenty of secrets to find. Take your time to explore every nook and cranny, or speedrun through objectives as quickly as possible.
-A peek into the weird world outside home.

-Easy, Normal & Hard are all distinct experiences. Easy places loads of weapons everywhere so you can go nuts, while Hard requires you to know every little secret to play comfortably.
-There is a bonus achievement for being a pacifist (Achieved by not killing a single person, doing all the objectives & returning home)
-There are some extra weapons intended for other days. Impulse 101 that crap.
-The mod is quite fun to speedrun as I've tried to make most of the game speedrun-friendly. Try it out!

-Based on Rykah's KO Mod. Check it out if you're a modder, cool stuff.
-Kick ripped from Half-Nuked.
-Also includes like a million stolen assets. Oh well.


Неделя Лерки - приключение от студии Коксак Софтвейр. Вас ждут интересные геймплейные механики и невероятные повороты сюжета. Сможете ли вы выйти на улицу и выжить?
По некоторым причинам, в сеть выливается альфа-версия мода. В ней доступен только понедельник. Серьёзных багов и софтлоков нет, но если найдёте, репорты приветствуются. Время игры - полчаса-час.
В компклекте куча спизженных ассетов и приколы. Удачи!

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