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v6.3 Changelog (Categorized). The next level of for this mod and of course, Deus Ex.

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-Significantly Improved greasel AI: enhanced offensive capability, manuevarability in water & visual improvements.
-Striking walls with melee weapons alerts nearby AI
-Created another new late-game Robot.
-Gave Gunther some new augs.
-In the battle with Walton Simons (should you choose to engage him) he cloaks immediately. One thing not mentioned in the notes of a previous
release is that EMP grenades disable an enemy's active cloak...
-Fixed headshot collision issues (vanilla bugfix).
-Military Bot further tuned-up.
-Improved Gray AI further.
-Made Alex Jacobson, Hooker & Boatperson NPCs look slightly less retarded when running.
-Created a new weapon for the new Military bot variant that is encountered late in the game.
-Enemies don't trigger their own laser beam alarms when passing through akin to Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
-Security cameras no longer tag greasel and karkian carcasses
-A number of minor tweaks to AI combat behavior to cut down on glaring issues.



-New ammo type: 10mm AP ammo for pistols
-Weapon info displays the correct damage bonus from weapon skills, as well as the damage bonus gained to melee weapons from the combat strength aug
-Laser toggle Sound effects now apply to the pistol too.
-Riot prod damage multiplier override fixed (vanilla bug)
-Ammo not so scarce if not hardcore mode
-Fixed recoil system so that the last bullet in a magazine produces kick (vanilla bugfix).
-The USP no longer works underwater.
-Increased the recoil of the stealth pistol & mini xbow a touch & enabled recoil mod compatibility for them.
-Sped up the base firing rate of the sawed-off & minicrossbow, and slowed the base firing rate of throwing knifes.
-Other pedantic tweaks to weapon stats.
-Fixed HDTP reload speed issues for the sniper & pistol.
-Made plasma rifle a little more effective vs bots.
-Fixed the Assault rifle grenade launcher firesound bug (vanilla fix).
-Improved impact sparks further still & made them not spawn if hitting grass, wood, glass or gravel.
-Sabot rounds now give off unique impact sparks. Applies to the new 10mm AP rounds also.
-The UMP has a unique firing SFX when silenced.
-Shotguns now fire 8 pellets as opposed to vanilla 5. Damage of each lowered to compensate.
-Restored call to play bullet ricochet sounds, which mysteriously vanished.
-Modified the attack range of all melee weapons a touch (aiming for realistic levels).
-Fixed a bug that caused the laser mod to deactivate if scope was toggled
-throwing knifes & darts can stick to a limited number of decorative objects. More will be done for this at a later date perhaps.
-Added unique dry fire (attempting to shoot when clip is empty) sounds for the Mini-crossbow, Plasma rifle and gep gun.
-Gave crowbar a more suitable land sound for when thrown.



-Added the pick/hack values of multitools/lockpicks to the skill system descriptions.
-Fixed a bug that prevented Medkits from nullifying poison at master or advanced medical skill level.
-Level 3/Advanced level Environmental training skill grants you minor resistance to poison damage.
-Level 4/Master level Environmental Training skill improves the effectiveness of Medbots & repair bots.
-+25% Heavy weapon ammo per pickup at heavy weapon skill master level. Helps counteract further ammo reduction in hardcore mode and further rewards those that invest in the skill.
-Level 2/Trained of LowTech makes Throwing Knifes easier to see when in flight.
-Level 3/advanced of Low-Tech makes NPCs more likely to flinch to melee attacks.
-Level 4/Master lowtech increases melee attack range slightly.



-Weapon draw & holster speed is now influenced by combat strength augmentation.
-Set aqualung back to active.

-Further tweaks to microfibral Muscle augmentation:

1. Throwing objects at cameras, alarm units and turrets with microfibral muscle's power throw no longer breaks them.
2. Throwing corpes with microfibral muscle always results in gibbing as a means to hide primitive physics.
3. All thrown objects in general are more fragile.
4. Fixed a bug where thrown corpses would randomly disappear.
5. Player has chance to not drop held decoration when taking damage.



-Destroying water coolers results in splash effects if it's not out of water.
-Various other splash effects implemented in v6.2 modified.
-New gore behaviour doesn't work underwater & added finishing touches (such as cats, pidgeons and rats now spawn gibs).
-Minor refinements to the conditions in which the HUD is disabled by EMP attacks.
-Added variation to emitted smoke of smoking objects.
-Improved various screen flash effects and added some new ones where appropriate.
-Minor changes to various decals.
-Robots, cameras, turrets & alarm units spawn sparks when shot, if breaking their respective damage threshold or sabot/AP rounds are used.

-Camera && FPP View Model-based simulated effects:

1. Improved simulated recoil effects when shooting.
2. Added new effects when swinging melee weapons to give a sense of shifting weight.
3. Improved simulated landing effect.
4. Added simualted jumping effect.
5. Added minor flinching when shot



-Movers & hackable devices now display damage threshold
-HEAL ALL button in the health interface always uses 1 medkit rather than them all so you can distribute your medkits more tactfully.
-HUD text scaling: Enlarged the ammo counter text, Damage reduction display & augmentation binding display as vanilla was too small after the UI is scaled.
-Pickup counts are displayed when looting corpses

-Pickups are now breakable with varying results:

-Destroying bottles of alcohol (Wine, Forty & Liquor Bottle) results in alcohol & glass splashing.
-Destroying fire extinguishers results in a pressurised explosion of halon gas which can be used as a somewhat useful tool.
-Destroying the various types of grenades results in their detonation as in Deus Ex: Invisible War.
-Destroying sodacans produces similar results to the alcohol.
-Flares ignite if shot or set on fire.
-Destroying candy bars, soy food, cigarettes, Binoculars, ambrosia & zyme vials simply results in their fragmentation.



-Fixed an issue where control panels would play their bypassed SFX every multitool use.
-Auto Turret damage threshold raised to 55.
-Fixed a lighting issue with metal crates.
-Improved explosion effects further still.
-Disabled multiplayer as GMDX doesn't support it. This is arguably counter to the "Advancement" claim but Deus Ex never was about the multiplayer.
-Removed vanilla functionality where unconscious carcasses that are gibbed, the gibs would pulsate. Looked odd in combination with the new gore.
-Possibility for two JOJO's to appear in the ton fixed (vanilla fix)
-Faster anim rate for security computer activation so you cannot open the computer and run and hide before the hacking interface comes up. (vanilla fix)
-Fixed hdtp lamp lighting problem
-Reset flare light radius back to vanilla.
-Fixed a player gibbing bug that caused slowdown.
-Modified footstep sound behaviour so that Grass & certain other textures do not dampen sound produced quite so much.
-Raised the hackstrength of cameras and Turrets back closer to their vanilla values.
-Reset Biocell BE restore amount back to vanilla value.
-Bug where you'd still pickup grenades even though your inventory is full, and then make space for the nade and pick it up again (vanilla fix).

-Further changes to decoration behaviour:

1. more object types can be stood on (rather than throw you off)/have other objects placed on top (Van, Road Block, minisub, water fountain, Toilet, Toilet2, Phone, TAD).
2. More fragile decoration is easier to break if jumped on.
3. Added chances for containers to spawn a greater variation of useless crap when destroyed.
4. Player can push objects ever so slightly faster, but multiplied to a greater degree if they have the Microfibral muscle augmentation.
5. Deco that is blown up spawns smoking fragments.
6. Explosive decoration are less sensitive to being thrown (TNT crates etc).
7. Control panels can be broken, but doing so is a bad thing if you wanted to hack it.



I gave up logging map changes a long time ago as it is not a productive use of my time. Logging code-based changes is beneficial to me, doing the same for
map-based changes is just a bloody hindrance.
The gist of things done is this: fixed a number of map errors and inconsistencies, distributed AP ammo, added some minor details, made some map-specific AI changes
and also made some enemies not appear in easy & normal difficulty modes in an effort to make those difficulties a little more reasonable, as they should be.

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