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Hi everyone, Thank you for your patience, we finally finished the update.

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Hi everyone,
Thank you for your patience, we finally finished the update. Some key highlights of this update are the character customizations and companions. You will now be able to equip pieces of clothing to your character and choose between male and female.(Facial features customization will be added later) You start with 2 special companions at the beginning. They have the same character customization choices as the player. The companions have their own levels and stats. We will add more companion characters and depth to this system in future updates. You will also be able to use Air Strikes. We will expand the special abilities in future updates. On the world map, the factions have been made more dynamic. Factions now have a limited amount of money, and fight each other to get more money. Their towns generate money just like you get money from towns. Factions engage in battles with each other, and perform sieges on warring faction's towns. This will be expanded upon more. You cannot join their combats at this moment but we have plans to engage in these in the future.

female character soldier

We also added 3 new guns. In the future you will be able to loot more enemy equipment, including their armor and guns.

pozna sniper rifle anti material machine gunmosinka

For the next update, we will focus on some bug fixes & balancing.

We would also like to announce our official forum: It is a much better and easier platform to communicate, gather feedback, bugs and answer questions. It is a great place for us to work closely with our community as we want to create a great gameplay experience together.

Thank you for your support and appreciation! It helps us keep moving forward.Have a great day.

Note that this update is not compatible with your previous saves, which means you need to start a new campaign ;)

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