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Take a look at our latest highlight showing some of the new assets and improvements coming with our next release v1.6.2.

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In today's highlight we would like to introduce some of the bigger additions and changes coming with the upcoming release v1.6.2.0 for Project Reality: Battlefield 2. This comes with one new map, two new deployable assets, quality of live improvements for Backup Ironsight, the ability to check how much ammo is left in a crate as well as the usual bugfixes. Enjoy the upcoming update! We plan to release it in the upcoming days, but unforeseen issues could push it further.


With the new update we are introducing a brand new map developed by community mapper Rabbit. It has a dedicated highlight you can read here to find out all the details.

9K135 Kornet ATGM

The Kornet will finally replace the HJ-8 on the Russian Armed Forces. It features good optics and a powerful ATGM. While the barrel has limited depression, it features an easy to move tripod which allows to adjust the elevation quickly. We tried to replicate this in game, but sadly the result felt clunky and un-intuitive. As such we decided to give the Kornet a higher operational range without moving the tripod. This reasoning got also applied to the HJ-8 which will get a similar depression.


  • Optics: 1x, 12x, 20x + black/white thermals
  • Firing delay: 1.5 seconds
  • Elevation: -12.5 / +20 degrees

The Kornet will be featured on the Russian Armed Forces and Syrian Rebels.

2B14-1 Podnos

For years every faction in PR has been using American mortars. This is now over. With the addition of the Podnos, we now have a proper for our various non NATO factions. This 82mm mortar will be added to Russia, Militia and China. Unlike its NATO counterpart, the Podnos will not use any airburst ammunition. Instead it will fire HE FRAG rounds which will have higher splash damage than the M252 HE rounds, but slightly less impact damage.


  • 9x HE FRAG O-832 DU
  • 6x SMOKE D-832 DU

Backup Ironsight improvements

The main improvement we set out to achieve was to make the backup Ironsights (BUIS) more usable for high ping players and reduce the stuttering when scoping in. After figuring out what the cause for the stuttering, we managed to remove it completely!
However we did not stop there. With that issue solved, we noticed that we now would be able to enable switching sights while scoped in.

These fixes also removed the movement speed penalty while crouching using BUIS.

Seeing supply status

We added the ability to see the amount of supply points left in supply crates and ammo boxes. This will even work for enemy crates. With this information you can now see when it is time to start calling new supplies before it is too late. The supply will show automatically on the bottom of your screen when you are close to a supply source. You will be able to check supply status of:

  • Big supply crates
  • Small supply crates
  • Ammo boxes

Checking supply left in ammo bags will not be possible and this feature will also not be enabled while playing locally.
For more information about supply points and how they work, check the manual here.

Together with this we also did a minor change to the HUD and moved all status icons (getting healed/repaired/rearmed) to the bottom of the screen.

Support Project Reality!

The Project Reality Team develops this modification completely free of charge for its community to download and play. If you would like to show your support, please consider donating to our team. These funds go directly towards website expenses, including bandwidth, hosting, domain registration, and maintenance. We never use donation funds to directly pay team members.

For more information, please feel free to join us on our public forums to discuss this and other news. Also, be sure to connect to Project Reality through social media to stay informed and receive up to the minute updates, the occasional leaked bit of information, and more! See you on the battlefield!

- The Project Reality Team


Wow, v1.6.2 will be a fairly substantial update! Thank you PR Team, will be donating this week! By the way I am looking forward for some COOP/Bot love for future versions, there was a lot of work being done in that front ;)

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Love all the hard work guys

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