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We have an upcoming live demo for game of engines!

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Hello There, My name is Matt and I am currently one of the lead programmers in charge of Game Of Engines. I would like to inform you all that next March I am going to be doing a livestream on the history of Game Of Engines.

During the livestream we will be looking at how the toolkit has evolved throughout the last couple of years and we will be taking a sneak peak at the making of the engine itself.

We will be talking about everything from:

Game Of Engines V1.0.3
Version 1.0.3

To Game Of Engines V1.1:
Version 1.1 Alpha

Other than that, Sam has been receiving a load of emails recently asking the following questions:

  1. When will the toolkit be released? - well during the live stream we will be giving you all free beta keys as well as some other awesome stuff like free demos of our old versions!
  2. Dreamcast Version? - I cannot guarantee anything for sure but I am going to do my best to setup the dreamcast and show you all a demo for the livestream.
  3. Why No Mac? - This is one thing I can tell you for sure, I WILL be launching the first official build of GOE on a Mac during the stream.

Thanks for reading and please give me a shout if you will be attending the live-stream or even send me and email if you are up to it!


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