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Key points of the universe the game "Children of the Stars".

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2020 - On Earth run out of resources. The beginning of the fuel crisis

2021 - The governments of creating a unified space program to develop resources of the Moon and the asteroid belt Kepler.

2035 - Creation mining station on the moon. Education EMG (External Miner's guild)

2041 - Corporation SIC (single independent corporation) acquires Kepler asteroid belt from the government, thus gaining the exclusive right to sell fuel.

2050 - Converting the mine on the moon to the first extraterrestrial entertainment complex. The opening of a permanent route Earth-Moon system.

2063 - Opening the wormhole technology

2071 - Development project on the colonization of distant systems.

2128 - The first colony in the Vega solar system. Third World War on the Earth.

2134 - The end of the war. Formation of the Big Four. The collapse of the Third World.The four were: the Russian Federation, the United States, Germany and Japan

2252 - Formation of the Galactic Senate on Earth. Four colonies: Vega, Procyon, Batelgeyze and Salen notice of the capital of the Big Four, respectively.

2262 - Start of the First Galactic crisis.

2278 - End of the First Galactic crisis.

2355 - lost contact with the colonies in the sector Gamma. Sending a rescue expedition.

2356 - The great mourning for the dead. Opening of the monument "millions" on Earth

2360 - At the Council meeting was discussed and encouraged by the project "Children of the Stars" to create an independent force pilots to protect the colonies.

2363 - Opening Academy of independent force pilots "Children of the Stars" on Earth

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