Both nations has 6 units each, 1 scout, 2 main battle tanks, 1 missile launcher, 1 tank destroyer and 1 artillery.

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humveeThe scouts are Ranger for the Germans and Humvee for the Soviets. The main reason for this vehicles is spot enemies, reveal undiscovered places quickly and defend against infantries. This vehicles has more sight range than any other vehicles so they can reveal shrouds more effectively.

leopardGermans has two main battle tanks. First one is the Leopard the medium tank. The Leopard a has low caliber (90 mm), high rate of fire and high velocity apcr shell shooting gun. Leopard is the faster and lighty armored than any other main battle tanks. Also they can reveal undiscovered places almost like Humvee and Ranger. Leopard has a high view range so they can spot any enemies from far away. When Leopard spot enemy, it will turn its turret towards to enemy from far distances.

tiger2The second German tank is the Tiger 2 the heavy tank. This tank has more armor than its competitor soviet IS-3. Tiger 2 has a 105 mm of gun, less powerful than its competitor soviet IS-3 but it compensates its lack of caliber with its respectably good rate of fire.

is3Russians has two heavies unlike the Germans. The first Russian tank is the IS-3. It has lesser armor, higher caliber and more mobile than its competitor Tiger 2. IS-3 is like a mix of Leopard and Tiger 2. It has a 122 mm of gun with high reload time.

red alert 2014 09 27 19 29 15 heThe second heavy tank is the IS-7. It has same rate of fire with IS-3 with better 130 mm caliber of gun. This tank has the best armor than any other tanks except the Jagdpanzer E100 and also it has the strongest gun than any other main battle tanks.

jagdThe tank destroyers are Jagdpanzer E100 for the Germans and ISU-152 for the Soviets. E100 has a 170 mm of gun, can destroy a leopard tank with a single shot. ISU-152 has a lesser caliber of 152 mm gun with better rate of fire compared to its competitor Jagdpanzer E100. This tanks have better shooting range than main battle tanks so they can be used as sniper.

rocketM270 (German) and SSM (Soviet) is the rocket laucher vehicles. They can shot high caliber rockets from far distances and also they can be used against aircrafts. This rockets also effective against hordes of infantries.

artyThis nations also has artilleries. The GW E100 (German) has a large 210 mm gun with high explosive shells, with high reload time whereas SU-8 (Soviet) has a smaller 152 mm gun with high explosive shells, with faster reload time. This artilleries has the best shooting range than any other vehicle in the game. They are effective agains tanks, infantries and buildings. They can be used for defending the base or supporting main battle tanks from far distances.

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