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Basic Infomation on the United Terran Systems, their history, goverment, and technology.

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The United Terran Systems is the new human faction in the Evolution Mod. They play a similar role as the UNE but they are actualy less powerful.

Founded 5 years after reunification of Sol the United Terran Systems are now a successful dream of the once interstellar state known as the United Nations. The UN re-branded itself after the colonization of Polaris. Thus starting the colonization era. The Colonization era lasted until the arrival of the Andvari 20 years later. The UTS, unprepared for this alien contact quickly defended their worlds. However, the strength of the Andvari was too great. The Andvari cruiser fleets broke through Terran defence forces in Sirius, Altair, and Dubhe. Eventualy, the arrival of the AID Retribution only put more pressure on the UTS. The UTD Aretmis. Was the first destroyer to be lost to the wrath of the AID Retribution in Sirius. However, weeks after the arrival of the Retribution. Sirius, Dubhe and Altair fell to the hands of the Andvari Empire. The Retribution soon moved in on Deneb and Alpha Centauri. However, the Retribution was quickly destroyed by a trap layed by the UTD Galactica. However, eventualy the Mefdef arrived. Quickly destroying all UTN ships in its path and forcing Deneb to become uninhabitiable. But the Mefdef skipped across Alpha Centauri and Polaris and went straight for Earth. Where, the UTD Liberty trapped the Mefdef at Earth and destroyed it. Ending the AE/UTS war.

The UTS is a democratic goverment with 3 branches. Presidents Office, Security Countil and General Assembly. The UTS Democratic goverment runs similar to the democracy used in the United States.

The UTS is a multi-racial/ethnic group. They are mutli-religious and speak mainly American English.
The UTS technology is somewhat primitive compared to the Andvari. The UTS use pulse lasers and light focused lasers. The UTS also use helium and hydrogen drive systems and slower slipspace drives compared to the Andvari. A typical UTS capital ship would take 20 minutes to reach another system via slipspace while it takes only 5 for a Andvari capital ship. The UTS also uses Titanium ore armor while the Andvari use a unknown metal compound that absorbs most thermal energy, making UTS hybrid lasers nearly useless. However their armor is weak to pulse lasers. The UTS also use a wide variation of different fighters with different types of Titanium armor while all Andvari fighters and bombers use the same armor varient as their capital ship counterparts. Most importantly. UTS capital ships use nuclear reactors and large slipspace drives taking up 25% of their ship while the Andvari who has been in space much longer then humanity uses small scale microwave radiation reactors and smaller slipspace drives that take up 5% of their space. Leaving more room for the crew and computer systems used on their ships.

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