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Here, you can see the unit roster of each clans. From the samurai masters of the Naginata, all the way to the lowest ashigaru users.

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Here, you can see all the roster of each clans.

Mastery of Polearms

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Imagawa, Master of Naginata. Miyoshi, Master of Katakama Yari. Satomi, Master of Pikes.

The Imagawa Clan uses the Naginata to quickly charge at the enemy.
The Miyoshi Clan has the fearsome Katakama Yari to take out heavily armored enemies with their axelike spear.
The Satomi Clan has strong pike wielding samurai to hold the line.

On the other hand, the Saito Clan has a heavily organized Yari Ashigaru. With the most experienced Ashigaru wielding a shorter spear upfront, and the lesser one with long pikes on the back.

Mastery of Close Quarter Combat

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Mori, Master of Katana. Shimazu, Master of Nodachi. Uesugi, Master of Nagamaki.

The Mori Clan had great success on sea thanks to its samurai class being good at close quarter combat with the katana.
The Shimazu Clan employs the Nodachi to the battlefield to quickly charge the enemy.
The Uesugi Clan has strong Nagamaki users to take out enemy cavalry with their very long swords.

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Tokugawa, Master of Tetsubo.

The Tokugawa Clan had their samurai equipped with a blunt weapon called the Tetsubo, their highest rank samurai are very slow, but tough to kill.

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Amako Ashigaru Marines.

On the other hand, the Amako Clan has Ashigaru Marines with their swords to match the fearsome Mori Clan in close quarter combat at sea.

The Ashikaga Clan had a similar approach, their ashigaru can rose the rank into a sword wielding honorary ji-samurai who guards the close streets of Kyoto.

Mastery of Bows

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Chosokabe, Master of Daikyu. Asakura, Master of War Yumi.

The Chosokabe Clan uses the very slow Daikyu bows to snipe and dispatch armored enemies more reliably.
The Asakura Clan had great success on whittling down enemies with their strong bows.

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Satake and Akamatsu Yumi Ashigaru.

On the other hand, the Satake and Akamatsu clan employs a dedicated unit of Yumi Ashigaru. Capable of filling in the need for a cheap high rate of fire missile unit with enough stopping power.

20220312210953 1

Nanbu and Urakami Mounted Archers.

The Nanbu and Urakami clan employs a regularized division of mounted samurai archers. Their hatamoto cavalries are also equipped with a yumi, so they are a jack of all trade units.

Mastery of Gun

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Oda and Mogami Teppo Ashigaru.

The Oda and Mogami clan equip their Ashigaru with guns, and use them to the greatest extent. Capable of shooting enemies that the bow can't reach, albeit very inaccurate.

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Date and Ito Mounted Gunners.

On the other hand, the Date and Ito clan employs a more regularized division of mounted samurai gunners. Their hatamoto cavalries are also equipped with a gun, and is a jack of all trade unit.

20220312211825 1

Ryuzoji Plug Bayonets.

The Ryuzoji clan's ashigaru employs a strange technique of drilling their blade into the barrel of their guns to make their teppo into a short yari. Perhaps they are influenced by China due to their close proximity?

Mastery of Horse


Takeda, Master of Armored Cavalry. Hojo, Master of Charge.

The Takeda Clan had great success on horseback due to their very strong mount, and the skills of their top rank mounted samurai.
The Hojo Clan exclusively uses the yari on their horseback to quickly charge at the enemy.

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Otomo, Master of Mounted Gun.

The Otomo Clan's top dogs have very good combat skills, but also brings a carbine into the battle on horseback with excellent nanban styled armor.

The Warrior Monks of Ikko-Ikki

20220312215615 1

The Ikko-Ikki monks are the most versatile units, capable of wielding the gun, the yumi, the yari, the konsaibo, and most notable of all, the naginata.

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