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Galactic Empire:

Alpha-3 Nimbus Starfighter
ARC-170 Fighter/Bomber
Tie Bomber
Tie Starfighter
Tie Interceptor
Tie Advanced
Tie Defender
Tartan-class Patrol Cruiser
Lancer-class Corvette
Carrack-class Heavy Patrol Cruiser
Loronar-class Strike Cruiser
EF-76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate
Hajen-class Fleet Tender
Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruiser
Acclamator-class Cruiser
Victory-II class Frigate
Venator-class Star Destroyer
Victory-class Star Destroyer
Immobilizer 418 Cruiser
Imperiator-class Star Destroyer
Executor-class Star Destroyer
Eclipse-I Star Dreadnought
Death Star
Death Star II

Imperial Army Trooper
Imperial Storm Trooper
Imperial Plex Trooper
Imperial Scout Trooper
Imperial Commander
Shadow Trooper
Dark Side Adept
Dark Trooper Series
AT-RT Recon Walker
AT-XT Light Walker
AT-PT Walker
Tie Crawler
AT-STa Walker
AT-ST Walker
AT-AP Walker
IF-TT 130 Saber tank
2M-Repulsor Tank
AT-TE Walker
AT-AA Walker
AT-ATa Walker
AT-AT Walker
HAV A6 Juggernaught
Lancet Aerial Artilery

Palpatine (All)
Darth Vader (All)
General Veers (ROTA and GCW only)
Grand Moff Tarkin (EOTE and ROTA Only)
Darth Jerec (All)
Captain Needa
Cronal Blackhole
Moff Jeriod (GCW only)
181st Squadron (GCw Only)
Vader's Fist (All)
Admiral Piett (ROTA and GCW Only)
Grand Admiral Thrawn (GCW only)
Boba Fett (only on certain missions)
Mara Jade (all)
Grand Admiral Pelleon (All)
Admiral Daala and the maw fleet (all)
General Bren Tantor (ROTA and GCW(GCW Tech 1-3))

Alliance to Restore the Republic:

Z-95 Headhunter
BTL-A3 Y-Wing
T-65 Incom X-Wing Starfighter
RZ-1 A-Wing Spearhead Interceptor
GR-75 Patrol Boat
IPV-1 System Patrol Boat
CR-90 Corvette
DP-20 Corvette
Pirate Interceptor Frigate
Sacheen-class Light Escort
Hajen Fleet Tender
EF-76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate
Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruiser
Quasar-class Carrier Frigate
Recusant-class Destroyer
EF-76 Nebulon-B War Frigate
Dodonna-class Alliance Assault Frigate
Dodonna-class Alliance Assault Frigate MK II
Alliance Battle Ship
Hybrid-class Star Destroyer
Bulwark-class Heavy Cruiser
Lucrehulk-class Battleship (rebel colors, with rebel symbols in place of CIS symbols)

Alliance Recruit Solder (Any race)
Alliance Plex Soldier (Any race)
Alliance Army Trooper (Human, Wookie, Calamari, Twielek, Rodian, Bothan, Duro, )
Alliance Scout Trooper
Alliance Infilrator
Alliance Commando
Alliance Commander
Jedi Warrior (aka jedi survivor)
AT-RT Recon Walker
Infantry Support Platform
Bantha-II Cargo Skiff
T1 Hover Tank
T2 Attack Tank
IF-TX 130 Saber Tank
MPTL Artillery
AAC Hover Tank
T-47 Airspeeder
T3 Assault Tank
T4 Super Tank
Gargangtuan Battle Platform
HAV-A6 Juggernaught

Mon Mothma( all)
Bail Organa(EOTE and ROTA only)
Droids (all)
Leia Organa (ROTA and GCW only)
Luke Skywalker (ROTA and GCW Only)
Captain Antillies (EOTE and ROTA Only)
Admiral Ackbar (ROTA and GCW Only)
Han Solo and Chewbacca (ROTA and GCW Only)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (EOTE and ROTA Only)
Echuu-Shen Jon (EOTE only)
General Dodonna (All)
Ahsoka Tano (All)
General Iblis (EOTE)
Rogue Squadron (GCW Only)
Red Squadron (EOTE and ROTA Only)
Kyle Katarn (GCW only)
General Rikan (GCW only)
General Maidene (GCW Only)
Booster Terrik (GCW Only)
General Bren Tantor (GCW Only, tech level 3)
501st Legion (all)
Alpha Squad (formerly delta squad)

Pirate Consortium:

Z-95 Headhunter
Toskan Bomber
R-41 Starchaser
Rhyyx-class Assault Bomber
Aggressor-class Heavy Fighter
GR-75 Patrol Boat
IPV-1 System Patrol Boat
CR-90 Corvette
Hajen-class Fleet Tender
Sacheen-class Light Escort
Interceptor-IV Frigate
EF-76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate
Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruiser
Quasar Carrier Frigate
Vengeance Frigate
Balrus Cruiser
Aggressor-class Destroyer
Providence-class Destroyer
Pirate Attack Cruiser (consortium symbols in place of rep symbols)
Leviathan-class Heavy Cruiser
Pirate War Cruiser
Lucrehulk Battleship
Invincible-class Battle Dreadnought

Pirate Mercenaries
Pirate Plex Soldiers
Consortium War Soldier (the assault trooper, with the option of switching from blasters to disruptors)
Twilek Commando
IG-86 Assasin Droid
Mercenary Commander
Dwarf Spider Droid
Infantry Support Platform
T1 Hover Tank
Bantha-II War Skiff
Droid Tank
IF-TT 130 Saber Tank
MAL Artillery
MZ-8 Pulse Tank
F9-TZ Carrier
Pirate Battle Tank (tank from Clone Wars)
Canderous Assault Tank
HAV A5 Juggernaught

Tyber Zann
Urai Fenn
Captain Ramuus
Katana Fleet
Prince Xisor
Joruus C'Boath


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Prince Xizor, Guri, Watto, and Joruus C'Baoth with the Consortium?

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when will it be out

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