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A list of unique selling points and special features for Ascension: The Awakening.

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Unique Selling Points

 Explore a planet that has been untouched by humans for centuries. Ravaged by war, strange gravitational anomalies have suspended a world in the process of destruction.
 Combat creatures each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your enemy comes down to using the right weapon for the job.
 Delve deeper into the game world and story through the many missions and side quests.
 Uncover remnants of the people who lived a millennia go via audio communications littered around the games four levels.
 Using the power of an ancient amulet, the player can protect themselves from many of the dangers in Aurora. Recharging the shield is only possible when near ancient technology left in the abandoned world.
 Live to fight another day thanks to a health backup system that gives players an even standing against even the strongest hoard of enemies.
 Communicate with your home village; players receive hints and advice from their father and other key characters during gameplay.

Special Features

 A main quest spanning four unique levels.
 Explore the remains of a once thriving society with its own secrets.
 Four unique weapons to master each with their own upgrades.
 Dynamic combat thanks to an over the shoulder camera system.
 Take part in exhilarating BASE-jumping sequences.
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