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Story about the Birth of the UNED Earth with Pictures :D

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The Following Infomation is Classified Level Phi, Unauthorized Access is punishishable to the UNEN Security Act: Mars Convention Section 100.3 Alpha.

(The Assembly Main Emblem)
In the year 2228 the Assembly requested Kupiter Inc, Io Shipyards, Joven Contruction Inc. and many other Corporations to contruct a new Warship to defend the United Nations of Earth from any uprisings from rebellians or powerful pirate organizations. After a few months of debating Io Shipyards came up with a Destroyer Design and Called it the UNED Terra:

The UNED Terra took 2 Years to complete. When it was Completed over Earth in 2230 the UNED Terra formed the 1st Fleet of Sol. Currently the 1st Fleet fights in Deneb and Beyond to fight off the Khepri Empire.

The UNED Earth's Armament is:
Over 10 Autocannon Weaponary
Less than 10 Plasma Cannon Weaponary
and QAAM Missile Defence Ports

the Earth's Crew Count is 20,000.

The Assembly later during the Great War I to contruct a Second Terra Destroyer, That Destroyer is the UNED Venus but that is a diffrent Story.

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