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This is a work in progress co-op mod of Undertale, with this mod you will be able to play the entire game with two players

Discord Server:

Youtube channel:

Download MOD


Undertale 1.08 ENGLISH version ONLY (from Steam or GOG or Windows Store)

Download the MOD here⬇️⬇️⬇️

download 3

Download MOD guides installation:

English Tutorial(until the 1:07 minute):

Spanish Tutorial:

Portuguese Tutorial:

Russian Tutorial:

Arabian Tutorial:

Follow this video: then open SpaghettiInstaller.exe

ONLY IF YOU HAVE WINDOWS 7 and the installer doesn't open, install that:

How to play ONLINE (easy way):

- MOD Installed (see the "Download MOD guides installation" up)
- External programs: like Parsec ( ) or Anydesk ( ) or Team Viewer ( ).

How to play ONLINE (complex way):


- A friend (even your friend must follow these instructions)

- MOD Installed (see the "Download MOD guides installation" up)

- Disable your antivirus!!

Question: How to disable your antivirus?
Answer: It depends which antivirus do you have, search on internet like: "your antivirus name how to disable"

- Disable your firewall!!

Question: How to disable the firewall?
Answer: Windows 10 instructions:
Windows 7/8 instructions:
(tip: remember to enable the firewall and antivirus when you are not playing)

- Hamachi ( ) or RadminVPN( )

- GMTogether (pressing the Download button at the end of that page )

Question: It tells me it's a virus, how can I download it?
Answer: It depends by your browser try to find the browser error online

Question: It tells me to put a steam_appid.txt what do I do?
Answer: Type this numer 391540

- Setup Hamachi(or RadminVPN) server

Question: How to setup the server?
Answer: Follow one these guides⬇️

MOD online guides:

English Tutorial(Hamachi+GMTogether): (the Hamachi+GMTogether part is not outdated)

English Tutorial(RadminVPN+GMTogether):

Portuguese Tutorial(Hamachi+GMTogether):

Russian Tutorial(Hamachi+GMTogether):

Question: How can I fix the lag?
Answer: Before P1 presses 4 to start the game, press 3 to increase the delay


controls for player 1

Arrows - move (in battle and overworld)
Enter - interact (overworld)
Shift - cancel (in battle and overworld)

controls for player 2

WASD - move (in battle and overworld)
Z - interact (overworld)
X - cancel (in battle and overworld)

You can change the Enter and Z key interact in the Undertale settings: "P1 can interact with ..."

How can I use the controller/joystick?

You use a program called JoytoKey ( )
Its lets you convert joypad inputs into keyboard inputs (basically you can setup the second player controller D-pad/Joystick to press the WASD keys to control its character).



Added another player
Edited all the cutscenes
Choose player2's name and heart color


Added another hp bar
The turns will be like: p1 turn> monster turn> p2 turn etc..
Added Mad Mew Mew fight:

If you will complete the dog shrine you will unlock the Mad Mew Mew fight, another way to unlock it is to defeat Mettaton(pacifist/neutral). Then to open the "switch door": p2 press left, p1 press right

How to uninstall the mod:

Reinstall the game from your store

Or go to the Undertale folder> remove the and then rename to

Are you italian?:
Yes :^)

This is another button where you can download the mod



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