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This article provides a mod update, as well as a link to a new test build!

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Thank you one and all for your patience! The Ultimate Compilation Mod Team is pleased to present to you a new test build that is installed independently of Third Age Reforged! Note that this work is still in progress (some factions are still very similar to what they are in Third Age Reforged, or other submods for that matter), but we now have removed Numenor as a faction, as well as the Shire. These factions have been replaced with Ered Luin and Rhovanion respectively. You can also expect new units in nearly every faction (with the exception of the 4 elven nations which will be the primary focus of the next test build). You can also expect as many as four (iirc) new maps, some of which will need work in the coming days and weeks.

Unfortunately, I have had an immense amount of trouble adding this test build to the files section, but I will provide the download link here: If I am able I will attempt to add the link to the files section for download later.

Credits to: 1) the Reforged Team for their mod as a template for UCM (including the vast majority of models, textures, maps, assets, etc. 2) the DaC team, for the many models I have used either in simply adding them to the roster of nearly every faction, or for those few that I have thus far used in a transformative way! 3) WK for his menu overhaul 4) MOS and their contributors for the models I have used for the rosters of several factions. 5) the many contributors who have graciously volunteered to contribute in their own capacity. Most of which, I have not yet had the time to incorporate their work, but most of it will be in the next test build.

As for the first official V1.0 release, this will take some time. I intend to overhaul several more factions yet, as we intend to stand out as our own multiplayer focused mod. We, after all, do not intend to simply be "Reforged plus", even if we are working with almost entirely the same assets. We would much prefer to offer the community some exclusive content from the many contributors that wish to join us on our adventure.

For now though, enjoy the second test build!


P.S. Installation Instructions--> simply download, and extract the compressed UCM folder to *your steam library*-->Medieval 2 Total War--> mods. Run the mod by using the ucm bat file contained within the UCM folder.

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