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Sixth part of the documentation with the weapons of the mod

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U4E Weapons Guide: Section6
[Section 6]
U4e Chakram
The Throwing Disc
(Summoning Command: u4et.???)
Weapon History:
This weapon is one of three weapons who's effects seem far outside the realm of conventional science. The weapons seem surrounded by a strange aura the likes of which U4E scientists have never seen before. I guess the only way to describe it is; Magic.
The throwing disc is a disc like weapon similar in some regards to Razor Jack charges, but only with apparently unlimited momentum. When thrown the disc bounces off walls and does great damage to anything it hits, both on the initial and returning throws. The weapon can be called back to the users hand, and well this might seem like a dangerous thing to do, it's easily to catch the weapon without suffering any damage at all.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire throws out the disc. It will bounce around until it hits it's user or is summoned back. Well catching other people's discs are lethal, catching your own is perfectly safe. The weapon seems to want to be catched and doesn't injure it's user.
Alt-Fire summon the weapon back after it's been throwing. If the disc's return path to it's user is block, it's often necessary to summon the disc back more then once. After about 30 seconds, the disc teleports itself back into the user's hand.

u4e axe
The Crusader's Axe
(Summoning Command: u4et.?)
Weapon History:
This weapon is the second "Magic" weapon recovered from our recent explorations of the Skaarj Homeworld. On the surface it appears to be a rather normal battle Axe, as normal as Battle Axes in this time and place are, that is. It does high damage and appears to have Celtic markings on the axe's blade. The secret with this weapon comes in when the user of it is severely injured. The weapon's field can be used to drive the player into a insane killing spree. During this time the player's movement is doubled and so is the damage they inflict. The damage they receive though is reduced by half, making the user for a limited amount of time, a virtually unstoppable killing machine.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire swings the Axe. This attack does high damage.
Alt-Fire can only be activated after the player has suffered great injury. It drives the player berserk. This attack can only be used once ever 15 seconds and lasts only about 10. During this time the player's speed and attack ability are doubled, but the damage they receive from attack is reduced by half. During this berserk rage, the player's vision turns red and continues to be so until the effects wear off.

u4e sword
The Samurai's Katana
(Summoning Command: u4et.?)
Weapon History:
This is the last of the magical weapons our recovery teams have been able to retrieve from the Skaarj Homeworld. This weapon appears to be one of the more powerful of the magical trio. It's effects are always felt when carried and has the greatest list of powers.
Well simply carrying the weapon, the user's speed and jumping ability are automatically enhanced. Also, if the user stands still and concentrates, the sword will activate a partial invisible field that remains with the user until they attack, exchange, or pick up a new weapon. And in addition, it is possible to teleport short distances with the blade, once every 15 seconds.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire swings the blade. Attacks well holding the weapon tend to be fast and sever, making the player a graceful and quick killing machine.
Alt-Fire activates the teleportation power. This can only be used once every 15 seconds and will place the user in line of sight at whatever surface their pointing at.
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