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Fifth part of the documentation with the weapons of the mod

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U4E Weapons Guide: Section5
[Section 5]
u4e golden
The Golden Gun
(Summoning Command: u4et.???)
Weapon History:
This weapon is a modification of the traditional Colt Python, allowing it to use Rifle ammo instead of enforcer bullets.The design was created by a Mr. "G. Finger", who has since disappeared because of some problems with the British Secret Service.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire shoots the gun.
Alt-Fire reloads it.

u4e qs
The Quicksilver
(Summoning Command: u4et.quicksilver) Weapon History:
This weapon makes use of a new unstable metal alloy we discovered during our exploration of the Skaarj Homeworld. The metal, code named QuickSilver, is a highly reactive substance that actually leaps about when exposed to any kind of physical force. The ringing cause by impact causes a chain reaction of bond breaking in the metal leading to a uniform acceleration in one direct or another. The Quicksilver weapon focus this strange kinetic phenomenon into a very power weapon with properties like that of the Linadra Ripper.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire fires a fully automatic stream of Quicksilver bolts. These bolts aren't actually propelled but instead leap out of the barrel of the gun towards whatever they were aimed at when they were triggered. Upon impact with very solid masses, like walls, the metal rods reverse their kinetic properties and leap off the wall. This happens several times until the bolt hits a less solid material, like a human body, or after about 5 leaps. At which time the Quicksilver disintegrates into fine dust that blows out in all directions. The last leap basically blows the bolt into dust.
Alt-Fire fires empties the clip in one full automatic burst of Quicksilver bolts.

u4e doll
The Dollbomb
(Summoning Command: u4et.dollbomb)
Weapon History:
This weapon was originally made as a joke for the first U4E tournament. The first person to be killed by it, Roger-325 actually tried to kick the bomb, thinking it was just a toy used by his enemy to annoy him. It has since grown to become the most well known weapon our company has ever made, something our company CEO isn't very happy about.
The Dollbomb is basically your average, run of the mill Cupie doll with a voice box. The difference is that the U4E voice box is connected to a proximity detonated micro nuclear device with about a 2 ton yield. It basically has the blast force of a large moving truck packed with fertilizer bombs.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire tosses out the dollbombs. You can basically have as many dollbombs floating around as you want.
Alt-Fire activate the remote detonator, for times when you know exactly where you want the bomb to go off. Chances are, if you looking at the doll when you detonate it, your probably already dead.
u4e compoundbow
The Compound Bow
(Summoning Command: u4et.?)
Weapon History:
The compound bow has been around since the late 20th centery. It was invented to help give extra killing power to hunters too weak to weild the great Long Bow. The U4E model is crafted out of high tension carbon fiber and the latest alloys, but the real power of the U4E bow comes not from the bow itself but the wide assortment of speicized arrows we have created for the weapon. The bow itself is merely a very stealthy method of delivering these new arrows. The bow creates no heat, energy enimisions, or noise of any kind, making it the prefect delivery mechnisum in highly covert operations.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire changes between the selection of available arrows the user has to choise from.
Alt-Fire pulls back the string of the bow. The distance the arrow travels is proportional the length of time you hold back the string. You reach maxuim release power after holding the string back for more then 5 seconds.

u4e grenade
The Grenade
(Summoning Command: u4et.?)
Weapon History:
Along the same lines as the Compound Bow, the grenade is another weapon that remains very undetectable until it is put into operation. The U4E grenades are also equipt with mini-glue reservors and proximity secors. This allows the grenades to be stuck to walls and act as mini-proximity mines.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire throws out a bouncing grenade. The effect of the grenade depends on the type of grenade used.
Alt-Fire activates the glue reservor and proximity detectors within every U4E grenade. The grenade is then thrown. Opon leaving the hand the grenade is immeditly coated with glue and it sticks to the first wall it comes into contact with.The proximity sencor activates a few seconds later, leaving a nasty suprise for the first person to get too close to the unit. The grenade distroy themself if not activated after a few minites.

u4e plasmacannon
The Plasma Cannon
(Summoning Command: u4et.?)
Weapon History:
This odd device is a recent discovery on the Skaarj Homeworld. It appears to be designed for the capture and eradication of hostile lifeforms. The gun is capable of placing a plasma net around it's victims, slowing their rate of movement greatly. Continued bombardment though causes the atoms in the victim's body to destabilize into a rapidly dispersing cloud of plasma. To make matters even more usually, this plasma can be used to condense the atomic structure of it's victim by utilizing repeated plasma net blasts. The result is the victim's body immediately under goes a solidification into a rock like substance.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire projects rapidly moving plasma balls capable of disintegrating the gun's target completely.
Alt-Fire projects a slower moving plasma net that binds itself to the energy fields surrounding organic matter. One blast can freeze a player in their tracks and prevent their movement for 2 to 4 seconds. A second blast has the ability to transmute organic matter completely, into a solid rock-like material. This event happens only when the two blasts of the plasma net hit the victim dead on. Otherwise the victim's body simply destabilizes and fades from existence.
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