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Fourth part of the documentation with the weapons of the mod

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U4E Weapons Guide: Section4
[Section 4]
u4e python
The Python
(Summoning Command: u4et.python)
Weapon History:
When the venerable weapon's manufacture Colt Arms was bought out by the U4E corporation several years back, many of it's old stock of gun designs fell into the hands of our weapons division. Well most of the weapons designed were highly outdated and shelved, one of the designs just begged to be brought back into production. The Colt 357 Python Magnum is a classic and beautiful gun that still surpasses the Liandri Enforcer in stopping power. It's quickly come one of our top selling models in the civilian sector. Sales recently quadrupled with the Holovision re-release of an old, late 20th century, movie called "Dirty Harry". What was the line in that movie? "Make my date", or something?
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire shoots the gun.
Alt-Fire reloads it.

u4e m16
The M16
(Summoning Command: u4et.m16)
Weapon History:
Much like the Python, the M16 is a recreation of old Colt firearm technology from the late 20th century. A formidable weapon in any time, our new M16 features auto single and full automatic fire, as well as a handy grenade launcher just under the barrel for those times when you need to blow something up. Our new version of the gun has additional stabilizers to make it very accurate over long distances and over sustained full automatic fire. The gun has been configured to fire normal machine gun rounds, and rocket launcher grenades. It's a very effect weapon in all combat situations.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire fires a single bullet, or if held down, a stream of them. The clip has a maximum capacity of 30 bullets though, so some reloading is necessary.
Alt-Fire fires a normal rocket launcher grenade charge. The grenade will explode after about 3 seconds on it's own, or immediately if it makes contact with any destructible matter. They're very useful for bouncing down hallways, around corners, and covering those quick escapes. Bounce a few of these down a hallway and your opponent will think twice before coming in after you!

u4e phasor
The Phasor
(Summoning Command: u4et.phasor)
Weapon History:
Technically speaking this weapon is a maser, not a laser. It utilizes intense a microwave beam to boil away flesh. This weapon was an early discovery on the Dimensional Rift ravaged, Skaarj homeworld, and has since proven to be one of our most popular weapons in all sales sectors. The gun emits an intense beam of Microwaves through a wave guide aperture at it's tip. Ionization caused by the beam's movement through the air causes visible ionization of the air along the beam's path, much like a fluorescent light.
Also the weapon is upgradable by taking the beam aperture from one Phasor and placing it on to the existing aperture of another. This destroys the first gun completely but increases the power of the upgraded Phasor greatly. Because of the high manufacturing cost of the beam aperture, no Phasor is ever manufactured with more then one aperture though. So it's often advantageous to collect left over Phasors during a battle and upgrade your Phasor as much as possible. Phasor's will except up to 5 upgrades in this manner.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire fires a powerful microwave laser beam that is capable of cooking the flesh right off the bone of it's victim.
Alt-Fire changes the power level of the Phasor, should you upgrade it during the battle. Because upgrading the beams aperture increases it's power consumption greatly, it's important not to drain the weapon's power too quickly in a prolonged fire fight. If the engagement is happening over long distances, you can conserve power simply by reducing the current power level some. Red and yellow are best for very long range engagements, Green and blue are better for more close quarters combat, and purple should only be used in the most dire of situations. The purple beam, power level 5, will drain the weapon completely in only a few seconds of usage!

u4e freezer
The Freezer
(Summoning Command: u4et.freezer)
Weapon History:
This weapon was another one of the devices found early on during the exploration of the Skaarj homeworld. It was pulled from the body of a very large, hair creature after a very intense gun fight with U4E agents. It seems to be a hybrid of Biogel technology, utilizing a substance that doesn't explode, but instead freezes upon contact.
The material, dubbed "Freezer Goo", is sort of a heat vacuum, literally sucking all heat from anything that it comes into contact with. The gun's main barrel uses the material to make a form of freezing plasma that the gun can fire off rapidly. This Icy energy balls bounce off hard surfaces and explode they make contact with less solid materials. Material these icy energy balls come into contact with undergo a rapid change in temperate and tends to suffer damage much the same way an ice cube does if dropped into a cup of hot coffee. The effect of these blasts is cumulative, and if a person suffers enough of them, they will undergo an immediate icing of all tissues. Unlike cryogenic freezing though, this freezing state is caused by removal of energy at an atomic level and the victim is not stable in this frozen state. The slightest shock and the body's frozen state will decay instantly, causing the inside of the victim to defrost before the outside. This results in a shattering of the body. No means of safely thawing out the victims has yet been found. After about 20 seconds, the field begins to weaken on it's own and the icy body shatters from the non-uniform thawing.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire fires Icy energy spheres that bounce off walls and explode on contact with any less solid materials. These spheres pass harmlessly though water, in an effect U4E scientists still do not fully understand.
Alt-Fire releases blobs of the "Freezer Goo". These bombs are semi-stable and will last for about 20 seconds when exposed to air. Any warm body contract will cause them to immediately destabilize and evaporate, freezing all water in contact within then 1/10th of a second. This leaves an icy bubble in it's wake from water vapor in the air freezing around it. If set off by human contact, the blob's energy field will feed off the victims body heat, centering itself on them and often leaving a frozen "Donut" around the middle of their icy bodies.

u4e hellsaw
The Hellsaw
(Summoning Command: u4et.hellsaw)
Weapon History:
The U4E corporation is a strong believer in tried and true technologies, and when we turned our attention to the humble chainsaw, we could see it had potential. The Hellsaw is 5th generation of on going research into non-energy based melee weapons. Invented for usage in hostile environments, the hellsaw is a complete sealed melee instrument, designed to carving through matter like butter. The sharp blades tend to pull in any loose objects they come into contact with, making this a hard weapon to escape from. Also, unlikely the Lightsword and gas powered Chainsaw, the Hellsaw will not ignite explosive fumes in the air..
The Hellsaw is worn much like a glove, and it's interior proves protection from the large quantities of blood the device tends to draw from it's victims. Spikes on the body of the weapon also prevent the weapon from becoming impaled in it's victim too deeply, and it's titanium blades are warranted for a full 3 years of use.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire runs the blades. Hold it down and move into contact with your victim.
Alt-Fire pulls of the effective, and often dangerous, Hellsaw spin. Although not endorsed by the manufacture, spinning in place with the Hellsaw can be an effective means of dealing with more then one up close attacker at once.

u4e fbr
The Fleshbomb Rifle
(Summoning Command: u4et.fleshbombrifle)
Weapon History:
The Fleshbomb rifle itself is actually a simple air rifle with holographic scope for sniping. The real power comes from the darts it fires. Based on abandon cold-fusion weapon's research, it was found that a run away cold fusion bomb could be created by combined the proper catalysts in a salt water solution. Although grenades of this material were briefly considered, it dawned on the engineers that the best salt water solution could be found in human blood.
Once the catalyst is injected into the human body, the chemical quickly goes to work changing all of the victims blood into a very large cold fusion bomb. The effect takes about 5 to 6 seconds to reach critical mass. The victim experiences a reddening of their vision before an explosion of all of their blood results. Their skin takes on a red glow that grows in intensity until the point of detonation. The blast tends to leave the bones of the victim intact, but destroys everything around them for about 20 feet.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire fires a Fleshbomb Dart. This has a range of over a mile and it takes a little over a second for the gun to recharge it's air tank before another round can be fired.
Alt Fire activates the built in telescopic aiming system and the holographic scope. It allows controlled zooming for sniping over long distance.

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