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Third part of the documentation with the weapons of the mod

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U4E Weapons Guide: Section3
[Section 3]
u4e railgun2
The Railgun
(Summoning Command: u4et.railgun2)
Weapon History:
Originally, U4E research into the field of linear accelerators and Railguns had proved somewhat fruitless, at least on the handheld level. The necessary energy to push a metal slug at hyper-sonic speeds proved too improbable to carry by infantry, or anything short of a full-size tank. A breakthrough though came when research team discovered a container of a new form of matter at the Skaarj Homeworld.
The material, dubbed Magnomatter, is more of a kind of energy field then true elemental matter. When outside of it's magnetic containment field, the material appears to be a thick fluid and quickly decays. As it does magnetic eddies in the matter magnetically pitch pea size pieces down to 1/1000th their normal size and these chunks explode out of the mass at nearly the speed of light. The pieces move so fast, and are so small, that they pass easily through both people and objects without damaging them. But the magnetic wake of the Magnomatter mass causes a massive magnetic disturbance in any water bearing material it passes through. In the case of a human body, it causes the blood to instantly accelerate in all directions at once, resulting in massive hemorrhaging and sometimes an explosive death! Walls and most equipment though show no marks at all! The passing of the Magnomatter field leaves a disturbance visible in air as the quickly decaying pseudo-matter shakes the water molecules in the surrounding air. This also results in the strange sound the gun makes when it's been fired.
The U4E Railgun is, therefore, not a true railgun but a focusing device for these magnetic eddies that lead to an explosive out burst of Magnomatter. The gun loads up a tiny slug of the material from a clip-like removable storage device under the weapon. This droplet of Magnomatter is then subject to a controlled magnetic eddy and guided out the end of the gun's barrel. Most of the Magnomatter is destroyed at the second of acceleration, but the 1/1000th of a gram that escapes is traveling at 2/3rd's the speed of light. This micro-slug evaporates within less then a 1/10,000th of a second, but by that time it'll have already have traveled well over two miles, giving this weapon excellent range.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire detonates a droplet of Magnomatter to form an instance-hit micro-slug with a range of over two miles. It passes cleanly through both walls and obstructions, but causes great damage to any living creature in it's path. The weapon leaves no marks on walls or external surfaces. The slug evaporators after a nano-second, leaving no trace of it's existence other then a rapidly dispersing visible trail in the air.
Alt-Fire utilized the latest in portable ground penetrating radar to allow the user to track targets through solid walls. The device projects a holographic tracking system into the user's eyes that displays all active heart beats it detect within the area. Once a heart beat is found, a small crosshairs is placed over the target. When the gun is aimed directly at a living body, the device projects a human icon over the victim to let the user know when the gun is on target. The technology is very new though, and it's not recommended for targets over 1/2 a mile away or targets that are rapidly on the move. A deviation in accurate targeting increases over distance due to the unstable nature of Magnomatter, so practice is necessary to hit anything over that recommended range.

u4e zapper2
The Zapper
(Summoning Command: u4et.zapper2)
Weapon History:
Sometimes new technology can come from old sources. In this case, it was a fortunate accident that a U4E technician happened to come opon a government auction when she did. After the consolidation of the old United States into the Earth Government many decades ago, alot of old US government secret material had began to be put up on the auction block as a means to capitalize these useless covert files. Most of the material was created during something called the "Cold-War" and stored in vast government warehouses under top-secret classification. Most of the stuff was completely forgotten about until these auctions were established. One old box contained the last known works of Nikola Tesla before his untimely death in the middle of the 20th century. This last work of the great Russian inventor contained the information for the creation of a Ball Lightning generator and a method for free, clean, abundant energy. Well the pages discussing the energy source were immediately destroyed by the U4E's Nuclear Fusion department, the papers on the Lightning gun proved most valuable in the creation of this weapon.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire emits a magnetically directed beam of lightning in a rough funnel out to about 20 feet. Because of the unstable nature of the ion channels that make lightning, the beam tends to "Dance" in the air.
Alt-Fire overloads the charging coils and the magnetic guides. The results causes Lightning "leaders" from all organic matter in the near vaccinate. This electrical phenomenon makes the Lightning Gun's bolt "heat-sinking" in nature and it will latch on to any organic mass within it's effect range. This bolt will continue to dog it's victim far past the point of death and rip apart their bodies in an almost vindictive assault. This attack though causes leader bolts to also form in the guns' operator's body. Well somewhat protected from the bolt, if the attack is continued for over 3 seconds, the weapon will attack it operator instead! Great care should be used when using this "Heat-sinking" bolt attack.

u4e fourball
The Four Ball
(Summoning Command: u4et.fourball)
Weapon History:
This weapon is our test bed for our new chaos guidance system. Using chaos theory as a method of guidance, the missiles start out flying around wildly. As they detect a target, they begin to close on the hostile target in an erratic flight pattern. The in open areas the missiles tend to swarm in opon their victim from all sides, making dodging and evasive maneuvers almost useless. The result is a weapon's system designed for a completely erratic target, and in many circumstances it is a very effective killing device. The downside is that for the first few seconds after firing, the gun can be very dangerous to it's user. Extreme caution must be utilized in the usage of this weapon.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire shoots 4 missiles. These will close quickly on anyone within target range. Their erratic flight path can injure the user though, so a "Fire and Step Back" method of assault is recommend. Do *NOT* run forward well using this weapon or your death will surely result.
Alt-Fire fires off one missile at a time. This can be used to control ammo usage or fill an area with a steady stream of missiles.

u4e flamer
The Flamer
(Summoning Command: u4et.flamer2)
Weapon History:
Fire and ice is contained in this weapon. The gun utilizes a newly developed, highly compressed, propellant that is stored in a super-low temperature vacuum bottle just under the gun. The front of the gun is a pressure chamber designed to force the stream of material out at maximum velocity and ignite the propellant if necessary. The gun's design prevents the weapon from harming the user, even if used in a tight area or at a full run. Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire activates the release of the propellant. It's blasted out the tip of the compression barrel. Depending on rather or not the pilot light is lit, the material will either be super heated or super cold.
Alt-Fire controls the pilot light on the front of the weapon. Turning the pilot light off makes the gun a freezing machine, capable of cooling anything to -200 degrees centigrade. Turning the light on will ignite the fuel and produce a 1200 centigrade mass of fire. Good for toasting weenies. (You know what I mean)

u4e nuker2
The Nuker
(Summoning Command: u4et.nuker2)
Weapon History:
The Nuker is basically a hand held nuclear reactor, created in a partner ship between U4E's Weapons and Nuclear Fusion departments. The result is a very powerful weapon that evaporates flesh and destroys anything in it's path.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire emits a nuclear "Flame" out the barrel of the gun. This fire quickly causes flesh to boil away from bone in a catalytic reaction that can sweep across the victim's body in mere seconds..
Alt-Fire of the Nuker is one of the most powerful attacks of any of the U4E's handheld weapon's stock. The magnetic guide hooks in the front of the weapon are pulled back and the active energy core of the Nuker is compressed and emitted in one massive fireball. This nuclear fireball emits incredible amounts of short range radiation that react on human flesh just as the nuclear fire does. Flesh begins to quickly boil away in this energy field, and only the radiation dampeners of the gun protect the user from also being instantly killed by the effect. This fireball floats freely until it comes into contact with solid matter, at which time it decays instantly into a massive explosion, irradiating everything around it. The radiation of it's decay lasts for about 3 to 5 seconds after the initial explosion and has a large range. Afterwards the radiation quickly drops off and the area appears to show no signs of residual contamination. Reports of large ants have been coming in from some Nuker test fields but these reports have yet to be substantiated.

u4e vulcan
The Vulcan Cannon
(Summoning Command: u4et.vulcan)
Weapon History:
Based on micronized aircraft weapon's technology, the Vulcan Cannon is a handy way to blow through large quantities of ammo. The large drum on the side feeds this monster and the 6 barrels give it impeccable aim for a fully automatic weapon.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire fires fast.
Alt Fire fires Faster!

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