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Second part of the documentation with the weapons of the mod

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U4E Weapons Guide: Section2
[Section 2]
u4e howzy
The Howzy
(Summoning Command: u4et.howzy)
Weapon History:
Slang for Howitzer, this overly massive cannon is just barely considered a hand-held weapon. It's basically a portable barrage weapon, designed solely for filling rooms and passage ways with a world of hurt.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire fires a stream of enhanced Flak cannon shells.
Alt-Fire fires both barrels of the gun at once, for burst fire situations.

u4e pitch

The Pitch Fork
(Summoning Command: u4et.HWpitchfork)
Weapon History:
Sometimes it boggles the mind that so much money in research can be spent to find out something that people have already known all along. And that is basically, "Sometimes you just need to stick some cold, hard metal in somebody's ribs to get their attention."
The handle is oak, the fork is stainless steel. It can be used more moving hay or giving somebody a few more holes to let the wind in. Do your best impression of Gothic America.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire stabs
Alt-Fire stabs

goty weapon rocketlauncher
The Millennium 8Ball
(Summoning Command: u4et.???)
Weapon History:
This covert weapon appears on the surface to be just another Liandri-style rocket launcher, but looks can be deceiving. To get the surprise you'll have to shoot one of your own rockets, in mid-air, with the Alt-Fire beam. If you successfully hit your own rocket, you will be greeted by some very impressive effects.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire shoots a missile. Nothing new there. But if you hold down Primary fire, you'll be able to load up the 6 chambers and hold the rockets until you need to use them. Just hold down the fire button until the opportunity arises. You can also load up only part of the chambers by simply pressing Alt-Fire will holding down Primary Fire.
Alt-Fire is just like the normal rocket launcher. But just like primary fire, you can retain your grenades in their loading chambers for as long as you wish just by holding down the alt-fire button. In addition, if you press Alt-Fire well one of your missiles is still air-born, you get a special laser beam. This laser beam only effects your rocket, and only when their in flight, but if you can manage to hit your rocket with that beam, you will get special blast effect. If you can do this nearly impossible feat more then once, the effect grows in it's power. If you have hit your own missile 5 times in a row, you be greeted by one of the most incredible blast effects in the whole game! (x2 that of a Redeemer!)

u4e airblast2
The Airblast
(Summoning Command: u4et.airblast2)
Weapon History:
The newly redesigned Airblast is a combination of both form and style. This weapon was redesigned by the famous weapon's maker, Andy War-Hell He took an already excellent tool for combat and made it visual wonder to behold. It's the U4E corporation's proud pleasure to manufacture this functional piece of art. (It's a pleasure Andy charged our company an arm and a leg for!)
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire produces a powerful stream of air that can propel a human body up to over 500 feet with one up close blast. Also, any contact with the propeller blades will remove flesh faster then a Chainsaw! So even if you can't blow your enemy's away entirely, you can at least chop them up into little pieces.
Alt-Fire is the exact opposite of Primary fire. By turning the blades in reverse, it sucks the wielder of the weapon in any direction the gun is pointed, including straight up into the air! It takes alot of practice and talent to use this tool of warfare as a way to conqueror the skies, but once you master the art of the Safe Landing, you'll find yourself taking sniper positions in all of the best spots. Nothing will be out of your reach, literally!

u4e lsword
The LightSword
(Summoning Command: u4et.litesword2)
Weapon History:
The concept of a Light Sword is an old one to science fiction writers, but it's only in recent years that this fantasy be made a reality. The Light Sword utilizes a strong force field to hold rigid a wire only a few atoms thick. A atomic destabilization field is applied to the wire, thus allowing it to break the atomic links in even the strongest forms of matter. The result is a blade that is sharper then any other in existence and capable of carving it's way through any matter imaginable.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire is your arm slashing with the blade. If you are not slashing the weapon, you can use it to deflect incoming projectiles. The field containing the blade is automatically drawn towards any rapidly approaching matter, thus enabling the user to deflect these objects far quicker then humanly possible. The sword's blade isn't fast enough to deflect bullets though, and it won't deflect laser beams either. As such, care should be exercised when utilizing this defensive technique.
Alt-Fire allows you to trigger the force field's overload coils, causing a shockwave that will knock back all loose matter around you. Well holding the blade you are immune to the force field's effects, but others around you will be throw back about 5 to 20 feet from the blast. This blast causes no damage though, and the blade looses it's deflective abilities for one full second after overloading the coils.
In addition this force blast can be used to help you jump higher. Simply execute the force blast just after jumping into the air and the force field will boost you higher. The field can also be used to cushion great falls as well, if your timing it right. Pretty impressive for a melee weapon!

u4e shotgun
The Sawed Off,
Double Barreled Shotgun

(Summoning Command: u4et.u4eshotgun)
Weapon History:
"Sometimes.... the old ways are the best". Although many in the weapon's division look down upon this weapon as a throw back on par with the Pitch Fork, it can not be denied that this weapon is still as formidable today as it was way back in the 19th century. Some classics never die.
Tactical Readout:
Primary Fire fires off one barrel at a time.
Alt Fire fires off two barrels at a time. Firing both barrels at close range will kill somebody with full health and armor, easily. This can also be used as a great method of painless rocket jumping during those times when your in desperate need that extra 8 feet of air clearance from the ground. Just be careful as the gun pushes you up and backwards, not forwards.

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