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Weapons from Unreal4ever (based on Year 2000 Documentation) which contains most of the weapons, but not the latest stuff though

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U4E Weapons Technical Product Readout

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Technical Product Readout

This document is property of the United4Earth corporation and has a class indigo classified. Divulging any information within this hyper-text document to anyone of less the class indigo classification is capital offense under the Earth Government Law, Section b17-342 of the better business practices commission. U4E corporation will exercise it's legal right to dispatched any violators, immediately and without trial. The method of this execution involves 72 hours of bloody torture, the slow removal of all sexual organs with non-surgical tools, followed by the removal of all limbs until death occurs. Afterwards the violators family will be notified and a non-denominational burial of no more then 300 credits will be provided free of charge. Have a pleasant day.

Section 1: BFG20k - QSG - Tomahawk - Shrinker - Pipebombs - Spiderbombs

Section 2: Howzy - Pitchfork - Millenium Eightball - Airblast2 - LiteSword2 - DB&SO-Shotgun

Section 3: Railgun2 - Zapper2 - Fourball - Flamer2 - Nuker2 - Vulcan Chaingun

Section 4: Python - M16 - Phasor - Freezer - Hellsaw - FBR

Section 5: Quicksilver - Doll - Golden Gun - Compound Bow - Grenades - Plasma Cannon

Section 6: Throwing Disc - Crusader's Axe - Samurai's Kitana

Company Bulletins:
U4E Corporation would like to remind employees that there is a generous %5 employee discount offered through the company store on any item of 100,000 credits or more.
To enhance company moral, holographic "I like U4E Products" name tags are also offered for 100 credits at the company store. All lower level employees found without their "I like U4E Products" will be terminated immediately.
U4E is also a family company, so free liquid nitrogen hibernation chambers will be provided for the storage of children during working hours. The Earth Government has recently approved the chambers with a 95% survival rate.
A leak in the new Flesh Eating Bactria Tank has contaminated several lower floors of production plant 325 on Titan. U4E is asking all employees to avoid contact with the green fluid well working on those floors. Because of U4E's continued commitment to employee safety, a clean crew will be dispatched to remove the green fluid within the next 4 to 6 weeks. Free burial of infected employees is also offered but does not include other infected family members or pets. Face masks and rubber gloves are available for purchase at the company store for the responsible price of 250 credits each.

U4E logo

Unreal4Ever copyright W.Sharrow and Holger Huck, 2000 (And that's no joke!)
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