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This is a multiplayer mod for Mount and Blade:Warband. Commanders of Calradia will enable you to fight in Commander Battle Multiplayer Gamemode with Native Warband factions. Native units and items will be used instead of NW units. You can see basic tips in this Article.

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Since Commanders of Calradia is a Multiplayer mod, in order to play the mod you should click on "multiplayer" in the main menu. If you want to join one server, just click on "Join a Game" button. Server list will be open, if you pick "Compatible with Module" choice above, you can see only Napoleonic Wars servers. You can only play with those servers whom has Commanders of Calradia mod. Hosters will probably name their servers like "Commanders of Calradia" etc to be found by you. If you want to host the server, you will need Napoleonic Wars Dedicated Server.

You may want to specialise your character's face before get into game. You should click on "Edit" button after you clicked on Multiplayer button in the main menu. When you clcik "Edit", you will be able to change your name, then your facial features and age.

After you are done and joined one server, you are ready to play.

How to play?

When you joined the server, server shows you one list. Click on one soldier type from the list you want to command, a squad of that type of soldiers will be spawned into battlefield. This mod enables you to command one squad soldiers. There will be other players and other squads as well. The main aim is eliminating enemy commanders and their squads.

How to command my troops?

If you are not familiar to M&B's F commands, take a breath, it is very easy. Basicly you have 4 menus to command your troops. These are;

F1: This menu covers movement orders. When you click on F1 and open movement orders menu, basicly menu shows which buttons will be used for. If you press F1 again while you are in F1 menu and keep pressing, one flag will be appeared in your view. That flag can be moved by your mouse. Stop pressing F1 when that flag is above where you want your soldiers to go, then they will go there.

F2: This menu covers formation orders. Orders are obviously so clear in this menu, just read them and use them when you want.

F3: This menu covers fire orders. This order will be used for ranged units (Archers/Crossbowmen/or troops with Javelins)

F4: This menu covers weapon usage orders. Basicly, if you order your troops to use only melee weapons, they will switch to melee weapons if they have. If you order your troops to use only ranged weapons, they will use only ranged weapons if they have. You can also make your horses dismount/mount in this menu.

I got messed up with the order section and enemy is aproaching! What should i do?

Calm down. Just click "1" in your keyboard, order section will return to beginning.

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