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Sometimes, some projects become influential. This is the reason why we've been able to work with Tunngle's direction in order to create our own Tunngle server, freely and with some adverts for our mod.

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You may know that, in order to play at Homeworld2 (and mods of course) you have to play in LAN (Local Area Network). Unless you're playing at home with an other people in your house, you can't play in LAN with people around the world.

With Tunngle, you may know that we can breach this limit (Like we did it years ago with Hamachi) without antivirus problems and so on... You just need an account, the software and to be on the same server as your friend.

Therefore, with Brioche (Director at Tunngle), we decided to create our own server to host all players around the world that want to play with other people. You will be able to play with the developers as well. The later ones love to play with their fans ! We'd love to hear your feedback online, by playing with you. If you want to play with us, just send a private message or wait for a sort of competition.

Tunngle will be the only way to play online with your mod. So don't expect to see the button "Gamespy" nor "Internet". These buttons are useless. An official manual will be available to understand how you can play with Tunngle and join our server. It will be simple, don't worry.

Ok everyone,
That was Erayser.
Thanks for reading.

MaraWorf - - 17 comments

Multiplayer looks very solid, I hope that tunngle operatives will create a room for it eventually, I quite enjoyed playing against an opponent who doesn't build only dreadnoughts.

Keep up the good work!

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