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Here you can read what was changed in version 1.1 of Truth Mod.

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* Fixed an issue with 16:9 widescreen mode where Tapp's face was
not seen in a cutscene due to Vert-.

* Improved color correction in Jigsaw's Game cutscenes.

* Improved Melissa's animation after completing the Jigsaw's Game.

* Added more sounds to Sewer Explosion cutscene.

* Fixed a bug which caused the player to see Billy Puppet falling
in the end of the level if they didn't kick it.

* Added an optional widescreen fix which increases the player's FOV
to make the gameplay Hor+.

* Fixed an issue with the lighting: lights from lumber-room and
second floor no longer get into the bathroom through the walls and

* Now the health bar doesn't appear on the screen after solving
the puzzle on Jigsaw Chest.

* Numerous tweaks, improving scenery and lighting.

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