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Sharing stats about our Steam Greenlight effort, as well as new screenshots showcasing the variety of levels you can create.

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Please vote for our game on Steam Greenlight!

We made it to the top 40 on Steam Greenlight! Thanks to your support, we're in a good position to be greenlight within the next batch or so.

The journey to get here was been fascinating, which we thought we'd share with our fellow indie game devs. Some points worth highlighting.

  • We launched our Steam Greenlight 2 weeks before our Kickstarter campaign, which wasn't a really good idea, because most of the traffic you'll get from Steam Greenlight is packed within the first week. So we lost a lot of potential KS backers by not timing the two campaigns to launch at the same time.
  • We were able to keep a steady stream of people funneled to our Steam Greenlight page by linking to it from any article we wrote, forum signatures, promos we ran, and emails we sent out. For the most part, very few people will actually click on through to vote, so you have to maintain steady exposure.

  • The two big bumps we got were associated with doing live streams on Twitch. The first one was for our 48 our marathon during the last days of our Kickstarter campaign. The second big bump was for our participation the live stream for the 12 Days of Indie charity event this past week.

We also got a fresh batch of screenshots to share! This time out, we wanted to showcase the variety of levels you can create with the Spark Rising engine. Since this is a sandbox game, we wanted to inspire you to create outside our sci fi theme.

You want an anime pirate level, with a flying griffon? Sure, you can build it! This animation below shows you how our artist took a concept piece he done and converted it into voxel form. It took him longer to do the concept art than to actually build in voxels, since our creation tools make it easier than most voxel based games.

You want a retro homage level, with giant Tetris blocks floating around, or a level inspired by Mario Bros, sure you can build it!

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