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Check out an awesome new feature that we have just added to make game development easier :D

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What Is The Hierarchy
The Hierarchy is one of the brand new features that will be
implemented into Version 1.1.2 of Game Of Engines. The Hierarchy allows the
user to manage all of their sprites in one place. Instead of frantically
searching your map to find the sprite you would like to edit, simply go to your
Hierarchy and click the one you would like.

So It's Like The File Display But For Sprites?
Daamn, you catch on quick.

What Does This Mean?
By adding this into the toolkit, it saves the developer a
lot of time by helping them to find all of their assets as fast and efficiently
as possible. Imagine that you have a massive game with hundreds of sprites and
you need to find one that blends in with your background… sounds near
impossible, right? Wrong! Simply open up your hierarchy and you will have a
complete list of all your sprites, sounds, enemies, warps and all these other
brilliant things each ready to follow your commands at the click of a button.

Wait Just A Minute, Wasn't This Already In The Toolkit?
Damn! You have discovered our secret. That's right, the toolkit did previously have a feature similar to this called the "Sprite Manager" but we have long since improved on this and managed to create an entire tool out of it. So it was only partly in the toolkit.

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