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A list of features that are meant to be added to the game in the future version, and how they could impact the game.

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Bouncing on Colisions

One of the most important features, still not implemented, is the physics of the creatures. As soon as you hit one (by movement or attack), it will bounce off, a feature that radically change the gameplay, because we introduce the notion of accidental movement itself. And it starts by the mines where you can now accidentally fall on.

The movement and creature placement get a much bigger importance than before.
While attacking a player was synonym of getting more chance to get it when it would be his turn, with bouncing, it's no more that.

Regenerate powers rather than nega power

One power that might change the whole interest of the creature who uses it. Basically, having nega power push people to use the power of their creatures as fast as possible, not really good in terms of strategy enhancement.

Online Mode

Does it need to be said ?
More players to find for more gameplay, including the idea of fighting for your own fandom, which adds a community vibe to it.

Power Ups, bonuses

Rains of power ups, power ups everywhere. Something that should add variety, but also cause a negative reward loop, meaning that, like a mario kart, the power up will appear at equal distance for everyone, but getting them will give better powers to the players that need it the most.
So the ├╝ber good gamers will have more challenge, and the less-good ones a less stressful experience.
Of course this will be available or not depending on your game choices.

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