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A one pager for the Tikiwiki project from the Infinity +1 team.

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TikiWiki One Pager

Essence Statement

TikiWiki is a UT3 MOD, tribal themed, sport that has the players use tablets to capture 3 consecutive junctions to score points. In order to avoid bloodshed the tribes have come up with a system of gathering resources in a competitive nature as the elders work to uncover the truth behind the disappearing resources. The tribes have put forth their fastest and their brightest to help gather the resources through a fast paced junction capturing tournament.

Game Overview

For centuries, the Ignatus (derived from Ignus, meaning “fire”) and Saraswati (meaning “possessing water”) tribes of Ahi’Wai have lived in peace, sharing the beauty of their homeland with each other and enjoying life. Recently, however, each of their resources that they require to live, lava and fresh water, have been diminishing greatly. This is causing unwanted conflict between the two tribes. If they are unable to obtain more of their resources soon, it could be disastrous for their tribes.

In TikiWiki two teams are racing to gather their resources before the other team. The two teams score points by capturing three junctions in a row. Tablets are needed to capture Junctions, and any team member may pick up a tablet and bring it to the junction to capture that Junction for her team. Teams may break their opponent’s streaks by capturing one of their junctions.

Key Features


Tablets can be taken from other players. There are two ways to steal tablets, either by colliding with the player and stealing their tablet, or by using your Area of Effect ability (AoE) and causing an enemy player to fumble their tablet.

Area of Effect (AoE)

The AoE ability gives off a burst of elemental energy in a concentric sphere with its origin in the center of the character. The AoE will push enemy players away from you and prevent them from stealing your tablet for a short time. It can also make an enemy fumble their tablet, allowing you to pick it up.

Speed Boost

The speed boost is a short duration effect that the player can use to close a gap between themselves and an opponent. It has a limited use that can be replenished by capturing junctions.


It's kinda like a capture point football, aztec style XD. Great to see how the gameplays going to develop here :D. How many players could one expect to be in each game? (teamwise?)

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ShadowComp Author

Our maps range from 3 to 8 per team right now I think, I will get Roderick to post back with a proper answer.

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Regner is right, our maps are sized for a match of 3 to 8 players on each team, but what we find is the game becomes more frantic and action packed the more people that are playing. I think our game can be enjoyed with up to 12 people on each team.

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