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Narrative Trailer released, original faction assets dug up, and Alpha for 2017.

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Narrative Trailer released

Narrative Trailer released ~7minutes

Greetings Community,

Despite our delays, the writing dpt. has not been effected. We release this as a teaser for our ~35 minute full Cannon.

Expect more developments in the new year, including more written lore.

If yall haven't realized by now, we will not have an alpha for 2016, but we will for 2017 (baring another natural or unnatural disaster).

We've also dug up some old original faction assets up from back in the day, as well as some done for Tiberium Eclipse. Despite these things, as said before, the original factions may only be developed once our new factions our concluded.

The End Is The Beginning....

“For those with drive, and for those who endure, they shall be bonded forevermore.”

For everyone here @ Tiberium Secrets: Jist

(Project Coordinator/producer, PR Lead, Lead Writer)

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Mind -> Blown

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Woah. Well worth the 7 minutes. Time to watch it again. +1

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Looking good can't wait to see the final product.

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