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After a long break, the Tiberium Origins mod has been adapted to the 2018 openRA engine. Get version 0.85b from the "files" section.

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Installation instructions:

Extract the archive directly to your OpenRa\Mods folder - if you don't know how to find it; right click the OpenRa - Red Alert icon, click properties, then click the "Open File Location" button. Open the Mods folder, and extract the archive there. The mod files need to be placed under OpenRA\Mods\to folder. If your game is installed using the default path, it should be C:\Program Files\OpenRA\Mods\to.

To launch the mod. you must create a shortcut of OpenRa.Game.exe (found in your OpenRA directory) on your desktop (or wherever you want it).

Right-click the shortcut, and in the first dialog box where is sais "Target", write Game.Mod=to right after OpenRA.Game.exe (leave one space) - make sure to put Game.Mod=to AFTER the quotations -> It should look like this:

"C:\Program Files( x86)\OpenRA\OpenRA.Game.exe" Game.Mod=to

Click the Apply button, then the OK button.

If you want, you can change the shortcut's icon to one I made for the mod, by clicking the "Change Icon..." button. You can find an icon for the mod in the mod folder, OpenRA\Mods\to\to_icon.ico.

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