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AnNo1935 from recently interviewed me about Tiberian Apocalypse - you might remember the interview about Red Zone Europe a few months ago.

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AnNo1935 from recently interviewed me about Tiberian Apocalypse - you might remember the interview about Red Zone Europe a few months ago.

AnNo1935 wrote:

1. What can you tell us about your mod?
With Tiberian Apocalypse I'm trying to convert CnC3 into a true Tiberian Sun sequel. Also it's going to have a less spammy gameplay than TW, and focus more on micromanagement, by adding stronger and more expensive units, and of course, vehicles take more damage from behind.

2. Which factions will be in your mod and how distinctive will they be?
TA will feature GDI, Nod, Scrin and CABAL. GDI units are all out assault, with rather 'weak' bases. Nod units are agile and sneaky, while their bases are fortresses. Scrin is a bit of both, and CABAL is going to be a very defensive faction.

3. What is the most special thing about your mod? How is it distinguishable compared to other mods?
Hmm. Dunno, for one it's essentially a Total Conversion, made by one person. Also I don't make mods to win an award or so, but purely for fun, and because I plan to work in game development. A grand part of the ideas in Tiberian Apocalypse come from the community.

4. What support will you provide, once your mod is released?
I will provide fixes where needed, and of course help people who have problems running it.

5. How long do you already work on this project and when do you want to release it?
Since I think 2007. I don't have any date in mind currently, but somewhere in the next 3000 years should be an accurate prediction. Seriously now, I don't know yet. It'll be done when it's done, and that could take a while.

6. Do you work on or lead any other projects?
I lead Advanced Warfare and Red Zone Europe, both on hold, and work on all NLS mods, specifically CnC Untitled and Generation X. Additionally I have a bunch of mini-mods, like "Original Tiberium Mod" for CnC3, and "FLAKMod" for RA3

7. Are you going to implement a functional VI? Do you expect problems with it?
The AI uses the units, so far I had no problems. The good thing about the CnC3 SAGE is that the AI seems to automatically use new units, with no need to tell the AI to do so.

8. Do you respond to community wishes? And if so, are they important to you?
The community is very important to me. I implement ideas that fit and sound good, for example, drop pods and the like. Or if everybody dislikes something I made, I improve or remove it.

9. Do you have any future plans with your modification?
Finish it eventually. For now I want to finish GDI and Nod, then go on to redo Scrin too. Ultimately I'll do CABAL.

10. Are you having any problems with your mod?
Not really, once in a while there are a few bugs, but usually they are fixed quickly. The most frequent problem is that I forget a "" or forget to reference the textures. Pink mammoth anybody?

11. TA units look a bit “spacy” ingame. Is this intended or just creativity?
It's intended. TS already was spacy, and GDI at least advanced at an even faster rate than from TD to TS thanks to the Tacitus. And TA plays 20 years after TS. Nod units will be more down to Earth tho, while Scrin will look very alien, and CABAL is going to have a very brutal, and highly advanced look. Think Strogg meet Covenant gets assimilated by the Borg.

12. On what do you focus, when you’re modding?
Fun above all, also I try to make my designs look somewhat realistic. I often include suggestions from the community, if I think they fit anyway. I often work for months on a single asset, on and off, whenever I find something lacking. Lately I've been redoing old assets and textures. The Titan for instance by now is I think the 5th or 6th version tongue

13. Why do you always mod alone?
That is a very good question. I don't know, but I guess mostly because I'm not a good (team) leader. Also I don't want to depend on others when I need something done it may as well take a month in which time I could have made more progress. I had a few people in the team for TA and AW once in a while, it never really worked out.

14. Is there anything left you want to tell the community?
I'd like to say thanks for all the support over the past few years.

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