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The biggest mod stories for the week of November 17, 2017.

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For this recurring segment, we will be highlighting the five biggest stories on ModDB for the prior week. Whether it's new mod announcements, major mod releases, or important stories that affect the mod scene as a whole, you'll find them rounded up here each week.

The Week of November 17, 2017

Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided is a mod for Star Wars Battlefront II. In this mod, you will find your beloved characters from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV Series and Galactic Civil War Content! This mod will have 2 new eras, new game modes, new units, new weapons, new huds, new vehicles, AI hero support for all maps in this mod, online compatibility, and more!

Dawn of the Tiberium Age (DTA) is a stand-alone mod that combines Tiberian Dawn (C&C 95) and Red Alert. While classic mode gets as close to the original game-play and balance as possible, Enhanced mode provides improved game balance and a lot of fun new stuff. DTA features many customization options for Skirmish and multiplayer (where you can play as GDI, Nod, Allies and Soviet on over 100 maps), challenging original singleplayer missions, as well as co-op missions.

This tool gives you a graphical interface to modify behaviour trees in Alien: Isolation with two tools: PackagingTool, a program that can export and import behaviour trees from Alien: Isolation to allow for modification in Brainiac Designer. And LegendPlugin, a plugin for Brainiac Designer that enables the functionality to read behaviour trees from Alien: Isolation.

It’s been just over ten years since Half-Life 2: Episode Two released, and the sense that its cliffhanger ending will be resolved with the release Episode Three – or even a full-fledged Half-Life 3 – is close to zero. However, that hasn’t stopped enterprising mod teams from filling the previous decade with their own attempts at providing closure to the Half-Life 2 story with a plethora of Source mods that provide their own interpretations of what Episode Three could be.

Modders, it is time to answer the call and put your craftsmanship to work. We have joined forces with the Endless Space 2 team Amplitude & SEGA to give you the chance to win a NVIDIA 1080 GPU. The challenge should you choose to accept, is to make a mod for Endless Space 2. It can be a ship skin, a new game mode, or a quest, all will be judged on the merits of innovation, complexity and fun factor.

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