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The biggest mod stories for the week of July 20 2018.

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For this recurring segment, we will be highlighting the five biggest stories on ModDB for the prior week. Whether it's new mod announcements, major mod releases, or important stories that affect the mod scene as a whole, you'll find them rounded up here each week.

The Week of July 20 2018

Doom 64 for Doom II is a vanilla recreation/re-imagining of the Doom 64 maps. They are made with [mostly] vanilla assets and can run in the original vanilla Doom (and Chocolate Doom). The goal was to recreate the major aspects of the maps while allowing for creative liberties where needed or wanted. There are lots of new graphics, some new textures (like skies), some new music tracks, a couple of new monsters, and minor enhancements for folks who play in advanced ports (like GZDoom).

Experience Aliens: Colonial Marines how it should have been when it first released. This heavily balanced and thoroughly play-tested mod is built for exciting, suspenseful and most importantly, fun gameplay. Xenomorphs have seen the most improvements, with fixes to their behaviour and core mechanics to make them truly terrifying foes, dramatically shifting the tone of the entire campaign.

The Unofficial Patch is not really a mod, but while the default basic patch mostly only fixes bugs, the optional plus patch, that can be choosen at installation, is like a restoration project, adding a lot of unfinished content, including new quests, levels, weapons, items, characters, dialogue, graphics, models, sounds and music!

Half-Life 2, voted like one of the best game ever in the world at 2004. Counter-Strike: Source is one of the world most popular multiplayer shooter. What would happened if you were to merge both of these?Simply, you will have a mod with Half-Life 2 storyline with Counter-Strike: Source weapons and hence, Counter-Life 2 is born.

This mod brings weapons, enemies and items from "Redneck Rampage"(classic MS-DOS FPS) to "DOOM"!!! Mod includes smooth animations, new effects and new sound effects!

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Some really interesting picks this week. Good article.

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And for once my patch is in the spotlights ;)!

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