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Bad Guy Brawl gets the addition of the Thumper Grenade Launcher

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After the issues with grenades had been resolved we finally we’re able to accomplish the real goal of grenades, the Thumper.

This uses the grenade code and animations with a different model to create the explosive shell. It uses the existing gun code modules to produce all of the effects of shooting and uses a different fire point script to spawn a grenade. The grenade is then given a velocity and away it goes.

The grenades themselves use a mix between a trigger area to gather potential targets and raycasting against the target list to ensure that the grenade has line of sight. There are still a few more issues to work out with the grenades themselves such as what is and is not a piece of cover but all in all it’s a good start to the explosive weapons.

If you haven't signed up for the closed beta be sure to do so. We're running low on spots and we're going to be kicking it off in early May!

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