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I'm going to discuss here some ideas that have been in my evil and modder mind...

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Hello everyone! \o

A lot of usable ideas are coming to my mind, ideas that before were believed to be only used in full conversions. But, no, I'm using creativity. "The otherworld" needs them.

For example, I'm studying a way of swimming using an AddPlayerBodyForce when you are in water, or doing characteristhical things from conversions. By the moment this mod won't be a full conversion, but it will include some features of them.

I'm thinking too in including new health and sanity potions, as well as a lot of new items.
Also, I'm studying ways of implementing completely new outdoor environments, not woods or things like those, just... different. You will see.

It's possible that "The otherworld" has frightening voice-acting and completely new music (as stated in several times)

Wish you have a nice day!

-The chaser

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