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Pontus explaining how Veer doesn't force information on you, and how we use optional help.

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The target audience of Veer is hardcore puzzle players. People who love the aha moment. Players that hate being told by the game how to beat it. Players who want to figure out EVERYTHING for themselves (well, except for the controls). Veer doesn't tell you how the mechanics works. It doesn't force help at you. Because you don't need it. You are curious and like to experiment.
That being said, if you want help, it's there. We have different systems in place for you when you get stuck and want some additional help. All optional, of course.

When we introduce mechanics, a hint button pops up at the screen. If you decide to click it, you get a full explanation of how the mechanics works. All hints will also be accessable from the menu from the beginning of the game.

It isn't easy for all players to wrap their head around Relative Teleportation. Therefore you have the option to at all times see where teleporting would get you, if you want, throughout the whole main game.

Puzzle Index
Players get stuck in games. That's a fact.
Players also look up walkthroughs to beat those impossible puzzles.
We decided to make that process as simple as possible. All separate puzzles are marked ingame with dots:
1 Dot in the first challenge in a level,
2 dots in the second challenge in a level, and so on.
If you get stuck simply go to: Veer level X dot Y on your favorite walkthrough, and you'll find the solution hassle free in seconds.

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