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Our plans for the Zann Consortium. And we're not replacing it.

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Many modders express their hate for this faction because of its noncanocity, renaming it, replacing it, or even going as far as getting rid of it all together.

I do not want to get rid of the Zann Consortium...

I want to make it SHINE.

When we look at the Zann Consortium, it has five heroes. Tyber, Urai, Silri, Bossk, and IG-88. Not very impressive. It is clear to see that Petroglyph, for the most part, just slapped this one together and called it a faction. My goal is to complete it by making it the true definition of "Consortium". A gathering of forces.

I intend to add one hero to the Consortium when the game first begins: Het Nkik, the Jawa "radical". He has now joined with the Consortium to free his people and pilots a deadly Battle Sandcrawler.

The Zann Consortium now operates in "tiers" like the others. Instead, it must gain the allegiance of other factions by going to certain planets and buying them in order. There will be many new units so the player will have to choose which of the factions he wants to "dominate' the planet. (In other words, what faction's units you want to build there. It's like five factions in one.)

I'll edit this article later telling you what the tiers are.

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