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Hi! In our last update, we’ve promised to conclude our brief overview of the ORX world history, and now we are doing exactly that!

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Hi! In our last update, we’ve promised to conclude our brief overview of the ORX world history, and now we are doing exactly that!

Quick note: this is part 2 of our Lore devlog — make sure to check the first part out, cause otherwise, this one won’t make much sense to you. With that out of the way, let’s begin!!

As you remember, The Book people have received from the mysterious Gray Traveler was able to make miracles and create anything its owner could think of out of thin air.

But nobody knew that this Book contained an ominous secret: it took something away from you with each gift it gave. With the creation of each new majestic castle or magical device, the hearts of the Book's users became darker and their thoughts more insidious.

At last, the inevitable happened - a full-scale war broke out. The once united people divided into four rival factions sought to get the Book for themselves.

Many achievements of the old civilization perished in the fire of conflict. We know almost nothing about this dark age - just that nine long and bloody wars took place during this time.

The world's fate was supposed to be decided in the last Tenth War, which promised to be even more brutal than the previous ones. But all of the rivaling factions were forced to abandon their military plans when a new threat appeared — the orx themselves! Those were mysterious ferocious creatures, seemingly ideal war machines, driven only by the desire to kill and destroy. All the infighting between the opposing factions came to a close in the face of this existential threat.

You take upon the role of the ruler of one of these four factions. The magical Book is in your possession now, so you can build new castles and other defenses in a matter of seconds. Would that be enough to give you an edge against endless hordes of orx? One way or the other, now you have to protect the valley from those merciless creatures at any cost. Who knows, maybe you will be able to unravel the mystery of their origins along the way — but only if you manage to survive their onslaught. Do you have what it takes to be the savior of your people?

We know what you really want — to finally dive deep into the world of ORX and defeat the green-skinned beasts once and for all. We will keep working as hard (and fast) as we possibly can, to finally deliver you the full game. But for now — have fun with the demo and don’t hesitate to send us any feedback or report bugs that we didn’t squash yet in the Steam Discussions or on Discord!

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