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You'll discover that the World of Teradon is huge and full of life.

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Hail Knights!

Your journey on Knight Legacy will be long and dangerous, begining on the Kingdom of Wern. This realm is the biggest on the continent called Teradon. Wern was founded by the men of the North and by blood and iron they've defeated all rivals. The line of Kings still on the throne and their increased power with the years. Under their commands, Wern had extended to all Teradon and all the people were united by one banner:

Wern Vetor

But the price of power is expensive and when Loyd became King dark times has started in Wern. The southern lords has rebelled and got their independence. This war almost destroyed all the Kingdom, but Adolf, commander of the realm, got many victories only with few Knights trained by him. An this was the beggining of the order. The sucess of the Knights stoped the advance of the Southern Lords. Soon, the peace was restored and the Knights has created the first order of Royal Knights. Since then, all men around the Kingdom wants to be a Knight but only that who proves his value can be one.

With the death of King, his son Nestor III became the new ruler and started a reform on the Kingdom. Granting lands to the Order and conquested nearby islands. The peace was restored, but the times of war is far of the end. The power of the enemies is growing fast and the Knights are ready to restore the old honor of Wern. Our land is about to colapse again...Are you ready to fight side by side with your brothers?

Map 10

Notes: Sorry for writing mistakes, we creators speak another language and we are doing everything possible to correct all our mistakes.

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