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As I no longer have the time to work on this mod, I'm releasing it out into the wild.

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In the mod's current state, only two factions are complete, SGB and EFEC. These factions take the place of the USSR and Eurocorps respectively. All other nations are still present, and specifically are not balanced against the EndWar factions. Although they can be pitted against each other for shits and giggles, some key features like the Active Protection Systems used by various EndWar vehicles will not function against missiles and atgms used by Vanilla units.

Another thing to keep in mind is that due to my own lack of knowledge, there is an additional step when activating the Wargame Mod Manager for the first time. Inside the unzipped file for this mod is a file called settings.ini Simply open this notepad file and change the directive to where you personally have Wargame: Red Dragon stored on your computer, otherwise the launcher will be unable to find it.

This mod includes a modified AI script created by TK3600, which means that playing against the AI is actually somewhat enjoyable. Unfortunately, due to some limitations of the game concessions had to be made. Similar to EndWar, Rifleman and Engineer units are now able to capture and control zones in WGRD, along with the Command Vehicles of each faction. However, as the CV is flagged as a transport internally (to allow it to carry its respective guard units or UAVs), the games Deck Builder will not recognize the CV as a CV. Because of this, Vanilla jeeps have been left available for each faction. In the future, it should be possible to add a slot to the logistics tab to account for this.

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