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Without spoiling events during the modification. This is a description about the UNE 10 years after the events of Evolution I.

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The United Nations of Earth existed untill 2260. The UNE lived for about 300 years. Leading humanity to victory againts the Amun and Khepri. But what happened to them? The UNE was disbanded after the main govermental authority decided to give The Assembly of Sol authority over the goverment. In 2265 the TAS rebranded itself as the United Terran Nations or UTN. The UTN eventualy gave each section of space to diffrent goverments, The Earth Federation, Deneb Republic, Sirius Union and the Cygni Federation.

Earth Federation:
The Earth Federation is the main political authority of the UTN. The Earth Federation shows their power in their wealth, their military strength and technology. The Earth Federation is the most advanced fraction in the UTN, but not actualy the strongest during its time. The Earth Federation developed many technologies that sent the UNED Earth packing in 2290. In 2295 the Cygni Federation declared war againts the Earth Federation as an attempt to cease its power and control the UTN.

Deneb Republic:
The Deneb Republic was the second weakest fraction in the UTN. Having only 3 systems like the Earth Federation and the Sirius Union, The Deneb Republic was depended on trade and diplomacy. However when Altair struck gold on Pyroxide Metals in the Outer Altair Belt, it got them rich. Making the Deneb Republic the second richest fraction. They used this wealth to contruct powerful warships and the famous New Rome Fortress that hovers above Deneb III showing their power.

Sirius Union:
The Sirius Union was the weakest fraction in the UTN. Having to be also very poor they are only truely famous for is the Temple of Humanity in Sirius B. The Temple is the only church humanity has contructed since 2120, makeing it a powerful cultural influence.

Cygni Federation:
The Ruthless outer fraction. The Cygni Federation is known for their military strength and willpower and their rebellious nature. The Cygni are also known for their failed attempt on evolving into modern day plasma turrets but stuck with Autocannons. The Cygni Federation is also known for their research on amun ship technology. In 2280 they were removed from the UTN's Political council because of large disbutes between the Earth Federation and them. In 2295 they declared war againts the Earth Federation because of this.

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